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What Ive Learned And Seen:)

So, been a few months? Well, Erythrmycin made my skin look wonderful. Than i went off of it in mid September, my skin freaked out a bit, but it got better. Im still left with this one red zit on the side of my nose thats been here for over a month. But I am so comfortable without completely perfect skin these days. Yeah, Im gonna get pimples. But if i have one pimple, I dont care as much as I used t. I realized freaking out, does NOT solve anything. I also realized osmetimes when all else fails,

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Erythroycin, that whats my doctor put me on. Erythromycin, saved me from acne hell. My skin in pretty much clear, and the pigment scars are almost gone. I went on about this in"how ya feeling bout ur acne tdoay" So happy. cant wait to go to school with my pretty fresh face! A month of acne taught me to be less pessimistic about a few little plimples.

Whiteheads Pissing Me Off

So, Ill admit my forehead si clearing, and zits are drying up. Wahoo.... BUT, these whiteheads and occasional papules on my cheeks arre just awful. I have these slight red bumps on my cheeks, and al lthese whiteheads on my nose crevices and all over the corner of my mouth and I jsut hate them so much! And this Tea Tree Oil BURNZ!

The First Improvements

So although Im getting some new little itty bitty white heads Its ggetting better already. The redness and inflammation totally went down, and I just sort of forgot about it all. And its getting better. Claps for me i didnt eat ANY dairy products today. and I went jogging WOOOh. hahaha thats amazing , cuz i hate running

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Starting a Journey

So, I'm 12 (i know young age to be partcicpating in blogs[im going into 8th grade]) But I guess that not important really. So, through 7th grade, I had very nice skin. Like any other kid, I got theo ccasional pimple. This last month, the story has completely changed. All fo the sudden, I have acne. Like 27 zits in counting. And it wasnt this bad at the start of summer, but I kept piling on chemcials, and it made it worse. Ironic, huh? And today Ive decided to let go. Just not putting a
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