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This did not work for me.

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the regimen did'nt work for me.

The first day I used this Regimen, It worked, cleared me up! no more bumps . But guess what, after the 4 weeks of using it i could still see all my left over ZITS. there were bright red marks stuck on my face that i could not get rid of. i got very frustrated, because i had tried so hard to get rid of my zits. I then thought you know , maybe not using anything is the answer . Because when ever you wash your face you think about your zits for the rest of the day like "IS IT WORKING?" , "WHAT IF IT ISN'T WORKING? OH NO NOW I'M STRESSED OUT MORE ZITS ARE GOING TO COME." truly i have just let zits take its course. because then there's no more scars, and they WILL GO AWAY. they will not be there forever. drink water, and get plenty of rest. wash your face and that's all you need to do to stay clear. You will see better results , no scaring. you know how to pop a zit. so just let nature do the work. THANKS. -JP PS. I would recommend getting a tan it covers up the scars