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Let me start by saying I'm new to this whole blogging thing. I want to do this so I can remember what all I went through . So I've had moderate/severe acne ever since 6th grade (I'm going into my Junior year this fall) and it's always been a huge blow to my self esteem. I won't go out on dates because of it. I've gone to 3 different derms within the last 5 years and been on every pill/topical combination known to man. Last time I counted I had over 12 different rx's to help with the acne but nothing worked. Finally last summer I resorted to birth control (ortho tri-cylen lo) to help. It worked a little but I'm still getting cystic zits on my face. But today, June 27th, I went to a new derm and she prescribed Claravis which I guess is the same as accutane and I won't start for another month. Anyways, I'm afraid of being in that 5% failure rate and all the blood tests (I'm deathly afraid of needles). There seems to be so many possible side effects and it worries me. But I hope it will get rid of my acne because I'm so tired to dealing with it. Any tips, advice, things I should know about Claravis?