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One month in

So I've been taking 40 mg of accutane daily for the past month. My bloodwork over that month hasn't changed very much so my physician is upping me to 80 mg a day. I weigh 155 lbs or so. Around week 1.2-2 I had the initial breakout. Relatively large acne developed on my face which REALLY sucked and it also looked like I had acne rosacea. I pretty much stuck to my apartment and work during this time which was kind of a shame. Fortunately now that has subsided, the rosacea is gone, but I still have general acne that doesn't look good. I think in comparison to when I started accutane though there is improvement. In terms of side effects, I'm nauseous every now and then but by and large there's nothing wrong. I have very chap lips, which was to be expected. I'm a little concerned about what effect there'll be in upping the dose - I'll take a week of 40/80/40/80 to gradually build to 80 mg as per doctor's orders.