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About this blog

My journey through a life of body acne. Hopefully, through this site, I can find a cure.

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Okay...this actually might be a miracle.....

Okay, so only four days ago I began using ACV (apple cider vinegar) on my back acne and chest acne. Yesterday I started to use teatree oil for spot treatment after I took a shower and then put on the vinegar. My skin has improved SO much since four days ago. I have NO new pimples, and the old ones are just a little red, but they are fading rapidly. Its honestly amazing! And I'm so excited because I have a pool party tomorrow that I normally wouldn't be excited about, but since I've also been working out a lot lately, I get to show off my new flat tummy and new clearer skin!!! Vinegar is my new miracle product, I think everyone should try it!! The only downsides are right after you use the vinegar your skin is a bit red, but it fades pretty fast, like in an hour, and the other downside is the smell of the vinegar and teatree oil, but its SO worth it!!!!! Now, I'm not saying my skin is flawless, that would be insanity. I still have some scars and the redness of the old ones, but I can deal with that, I was just so tired of the huge ones. And they are shrinking!! ajdkjflkjdklfjkldj I'm just so excited!!!!!!





First Blog:)

Okay, so I'm a 15 year old female and I have been suffering from back acne and chest acne for a few years. I know how frustrating it is to have body acne. You have to cover it up, and you can't wear what you want. I have worn scarves in summer before JUST to cover up my chest. And when people ask about it you're too embarrassed to tell them the truth. I have tried telling myself that body acne is a normal thing, and I shouldn't be ashamed, but yet i avoid the pool at all costs, and I rarely wear anything less than a high cut t-shirt out in public. And then you look at all these other people who have beautiful skin and wear anything they want and you become insanely jealous. And that SUCKS because I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. Sometimes I even ask God why he cursed me with such awful skin. And the weird thing is that my face is totally clear. But my back and chest are disgusting. So I've been looking around everywhere and trying everything, and NOTHING got rid of my acne. But then I stumbled upon this blog, and I read something about vinegar curing many cases of back and chest acne. So I tried it last night. I dumped some in my hands and rubbed it thoroughly over my back and chest. I know now from further reading you're supposed to mix it with water, which is probably why I now have line down my sides (my back is a darker shade of my skin than my stomach). I'm not really worried though, I think it'll fade and I'll just be really careful with my application of the MIXTURE from now on. I also read that drinking Apple Cider Vinegar mixed with water helps, and also helps you lose weight which is something I'm trying to do. Other than the color change my back doesn't look too different, except usually each morning I wake up with new pimples on my back, but this morning it was just the old ones. And the old ones were a bit dry, compared to the normal oily texture. So hopefully this will work for me. I'm done living in a cave because of my acne.




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