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After 4 YEARS of batteling my blemish prone skin, I found the golden formula

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Treating Your Picked Pimples

Hey Everyone! When I use to be a face picker, (a habit that still creeps up on me from time to time) the worst part was that I was left with a huge scab on my face from picking it to death. As we all know scabs on your face from picking pimples and acne are the same as most other scabs you have anywhere else! It’s even worse on you face though, for a few reasons. Obviously a massive ugly scab can never be covered up well (I always layered on the makeup but by the end of the day, it was worse than ever!), and it also can infect your pore worse than it already was from the pimple. Trust me, a pimple within a scab is probably the worst combination ever. So how do we avoid this? Stop picking your face for one, but since that doesn’t happen overnight, let me share some of the secrets and tips I used during this bad habit phase. So the worst has happened- you picked your pimple and are now left with a horrible looking scab on your face (maybe even your forehead…the worst). Just know that it will NOT be healed in a day, only time can heal this scab, along with a little help from you. In the best case scenario (depending on the size of the scab), I have had some heal by end of day 2. Go by yourself some Aloe Vera gel (not the bright green kind in the drug store – you will have to go to a health food store for this.). It is clear and kind of like a gel, and you will have to keep it in your fridge when you are not using it. One of the biggest benefits to acne sufferers may result from the use of aloe vera to heal the skin. Using aloe vera for acne treatment speeds the healing of skin by increasing blood circulation and stopping cell death. Aloe vera benefits skin afflicted with acne by speeding the healing of skin. This rapid healing process can stop an acne breakout from worsening as well as will help acne scars to diminish over time.To use it, dab some on your picked pimple at night and whenever you are just sitting around the house. If you have the guts then don’t wear any makeup over it for the next few days, If you have to wear makeup or cover-up then make sure it is oil free and safe for acne prone skin. One thing I found worked well for me is that, at the end of the night when I would go to wash off my makeup, I would leave my cover up on over my scab. I found when I washed over it (because makeup will make a scab moist and loose), it would come off and the whole process would start from scratch. Where as when I left it on – literally only over that ONE tiny spot – in the morning it would have had the chance to begin constructing a new layer of skin. I would brave having it on my face for work or school the following day (still covered up), and after repeating it that night as well, I was usually able to peel it off the following morning. I treated the pink spot of skin with some moisturizer to finish up the process, and voila! I sometimes combined Aloe Vera in this process or on top of my cover up. You can experiment yourselves too! Best of Luck





The Golden Skin Product Combo

The following blog is all about the lessons I learned dealing with blemish prone skin, and the products that cleared my face and gave me bck my confidence! Long, but WORTH the read!! Let me start off by saying that I struggled with blemish prone skin since I was in Gr. 11 (I am now in my last year of University). There was really a point where I felt like, this willl never get better - It didn't seem to be a phase, or something I would grow out of. After those 4 years, here are some important things I learned that hopefully will help you too! First off, Never feel hopeless! Understand that everyone has different skin types, and different skin problems. If we understand that, we know that clearly the first acne treatment you use, most likely won't work for you. It is all about trial and error. I know that sucks - trust me - but, it gets better! Secondly, Expensive acne/blemish programs or products don't necessarily work any better than drug store brands. The products that I use now - the same ones that give me the clearest skin of my LIFE - I purchased at the drug store. I have tried top of the line, Clinique, Viche, Proactive, Murad, etc, and I found that sometimes the best things won't cost you an arm-and-a-leg. Having said both those things, the last thing I want to let you know is that it takes more than one day to clear your skin. I knowwww how impatient you can be when you are faced with acne/belmishes but, your skin needs to get all the 'bad stuff' out of it before you see results sometimes. So don't freak out if you break out a little bit at first, usually that is just your skin reacting to your regimine, and clearing away all the bacteria that is causing your acne. Because of my skin problems, I missed out on a lot of fun things in the past four years. I picked my face like NO body else, and it caused me to spend hours getting ready to go out – if I even went out at all. Picking your face is the WORST. I know everyone tells you it but, honestly, avoid picking at it and you will be so much better off for it. Let me introduce the products that I use day and night, which gave me the clearest skin ever. I literally am typing this now, with no blemishes on my face at all. If I ever do get one, it is gone within a day. 1: I start with : Biore - Ice Cleanser *This product is great! It cools your face and provides a gentle cleanser – which honestly, is all you need if you have acne or blemishes. The biggest problem I had was over treating my skin, and I found that when you use a harsh cleanser, It really only hurts your skin and irritates your acne. USE: Morning & Night. Lightly cleanse your face with a small amount, and pat skin dry with a towel. 2: I then use: Biore - Triple Action Astringent *This is a toner that really doesn’t dry out your skin – if you find it does, then only use it at night, or in the morning (not both) – and it really kills bacteria and seriously deep cleans. You can see all the dirt and left over makeup that it takes off! This is one of the best toners I have used. USE: Morning & Night. I use a cotton applicator (like a cotton ball or you can find cotton pads which I prefer), I put a little bit on the pad and wipe it gently over my whole face. If you have really dry parts of your skin than maybe avoid that, or focus less on dry patches. The order of this next part, really depends on your skin type. The next two products I use (the final two), are a treatment, and a moisturizer. SO many people forget to moisturize your skin. I use to avoid it like the plague, because I thought it would just make me break out. I ended up drying out my face, and my pimples looked terrible, and it only caused my skin to product MORE oil, and there for create more blemishes (not good!). You can experiment with this, but I do the following with these final two: 3: I use: Clean and Clear Finishes – Pore Refining Moisturizer * I love this moisturizer. It is oil free and does not give your breakouts or add oil to your skin. In fact, my skin actually became less oily, and my make up went on so much easier than before. At the end of work, my makeup would look pretty awful! My skin would get so oily and you could just tell. After using this, my skin was smoother and my pores did become less noticeable. All of the reviews online are positive for it, and the general consensus from users is that it does not make your skin breakout in any way! Which is great news! USE: Morning & Night. Sometimes I admit that I skip the morning if I am in a rush, or if my skin doesn’t feel to dry or oily. It really helps to keep your makeup in place all day and helps control oil. It also makes makeup application really easy. My skin texture improves when I use this regularly. Lastly (and most importantly); 4: Cetaphil - Acne Bacteria Fighting Gel (Benzoil Peroxide 5%). *BY FAR the best spot treatment ever. Period. Benzoil Peroxide is a life saver, and I have never found anything as effective as this. This is sometimes sold as a part of the Cetaphil Acne Principals Kit (which, if you have REALLY bad acne or are really at a loss for treatment, try this, I recommend it a lot). It is so great, and I believe that the application will say to smooth is over your skin but I use it as a spot treatment because 5% BP will dry out your skin if you use too much. USE: Night. After I have applied my moisturizer (in this case, the Clean & Clear Pore Refining), I look over my skin to see if there are any areas which I can see a blemish forming, or where I already have one or a few. I put a dab on my finger and put little dots over my skin where I see anything worrisome. By the morning, they will be dried up, and much less noticeable IF they are even still there. I even find it keeps working throughout the day. My big problem was picking my pimples, and this has been a life saver for that problem. If you have a full blown infected pimple, here is what I recommend. Use this on it every night, and it will decrease drastically in size fast. (remember to still put a little moisturizer in with the Benzoil Peroxide). After a bit, you can gently squeeze the dried bacteria/infection out of your skin. Use a tissue to gently push it out, not your oily fingers! After It is out of your pore, put on a little of the Biore Toner, and it will heal up in a matter of hours. FINAL NOTE: I know this was long but I really wanted to share this with everyone, that’s why I made this account. I know how much is sucks to not have this perfect clear skin, and to constantly worry about your skin when you have WAY bigger problems to deal with. Please message me if you have any questions at all! I will hopefully post some more info if I think of any other tips to help! Best of luck!