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My Roaccutane Review

Right this is just to give a quick account of what I thought Roaccutane has done for my skin and health in general. I went on the drug for a grand total of 5 months. I'm 18, 5"11 and 9 stone. First 2 weeks no problem just a reddening of skin. After 2 weeks lips got dry, blah blah blah normal course of symptoms. 2 months in my back started to hurt, not just a muscle spasm, more like I had suddenly got arthritis and when ever I moved or lifted anything my bones gave a HUGE click or a creak. This was shortly followed by my arms and neck doing the same thing. Not pleasant. I had to leave my job in a bakery because of too much heavy lifting was causing me to much pain. We skip ahead to the end of the course. I've had 2 blood tests overall (not the test every month I was supposed to be getting) and am taking Ibuprofen nearly everyday. I was on Diclofenac but ran out of those and your not allowed to take them for more than the prescribed time. My back still hurts, especially at night (I do evening shifts at a supermarket on checkouts) and it's only getting worse. Personally I think that although my spots are completely gone (and I mean completely, it certainly worked) the effect to my work ethic and my state of mind have completely changed. I have to take cod liver oil and that only helps a little. Currently my only course of action is to either go on taking painkillers for the rest of my life or to go see a chiropractor. I think that perhaps how much I weigh (a bit underweight) and how tall I am (taller than average) and how much work I was doing, could have contributed towards these symptoms. All I say is that anyone looking to start on Roaccutane, don't think that it is just going to be the dry lips and occasional headaches. This drug can have some long lasting effects and if you don't look after your body you could get something like I have to live with.