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30 Yrs in the cosmetic industry with Adult Acne this past year

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I am in my 30's and this past year have recently come in to severe adult acne. I have studied skin and have worked in the cosmetics industry for the past 13 yrs. I am currently a national makeup- artist. Here are some things that I can say that will IRRITATE and CREATE acne or even ACTIVATE acne.Also I will give you some good pointers and things that have saved me and my skin ... If you have any questions about any products out in the cosmetic world PLEASE don't hesitate to ask after all this is all i know smile.gif MINERAL MAKE UP IS A BIG NO... Trust me ... Most if not all dermatologists will agree. (I have seen horrible acne get much worse) SPF in COSMETICS.... this can definitely cause an inflammation and irritate acne ...get your SPF from your creams they use a different type in face makeup FAT BURNERS.... depending on what kind... fat burners containing ephedrine..high amounts of caffeine or other stimulants can activate acne on a large scale (think of it as synthetic speed.. what does speed aka "meth" do to peoples skin?) BIRTH CONTROL..... sometimes birth control can actually interfere with hormones and create acne ...I say just make sure that is not causing the issue( It has also been known to regulate hormones and help with Acne) DAIRY PRODUCTS... if you have CYSTIC acne ... try stopping all dairy products.. a large majority of people with acne don't realize they could be having an allergic response to dairy FRAGRANCE/PERFUMES.... make sure all your make up and face wash is OIL FREE and FRAGRANCE FREE. CHEAP DRUGSTORE MAKEUP .... NOT a good idea being that cheaper ingredients goes in to these products along with multiple "fillers" SALICYLIC ACID...... this burns the top layer of the skin.. although you might have an immediate effect, your acne will come right back leaving you with skin pigmentations. BENZOYL PEROXIDE.... works temporarily for spot treatments but not something you want to saturate your face with. NOW FOR THE GOOD STUFF******* eusa_dance.gif B5 PANTOTHENIC ACID.... Works like Acutane without the awful side effects.. start out with 10 grams (about 20 capsules of 500 mg) a day for the first 3 months then each week cycle down a gram... this slows down oil production with little to no side effects. VITAMIN E for Scaring is amazing to put on the areas that are starting to scar (its been a lifesaver) WATER... Lots and LOTS of water gives your skin its hydration when your skin is dry it fights to produce more oil and in turn creating acne . ANTIBIOTICS... work great for people that have acne for a short time and its not on going. HYDROCORTIZONE.... this has been a huge part in my skin clearing .... the more dosage of cortizone the better .. this works great if you get clusters of little pimples followed by rashesACNE CURES AND CURSES!!!!FIGHTING ACNE AND WHAT CAUSES IT!!!WHAT CREATES AND ACTIVATES ACNE

Fight ACNE

Fight ACNE


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