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14 months on and acne free

This is my journey from 14 months ago starting the regimen...WHICH WORKED! My lows, my lows, my lows! My self confidence blown, my tears, my hating myself, me saying I was ugly. The regimen has worked! It took a long time to cure my acne, the key is to not give up and stick with it. Be very very patient this is not an overnight cure. Gradually over months you will start to notice an improvement, by 6 months a huge improvement. A year pretty much acne free. This is why you must be patient. I started the regimen back in march/april last year. I had been on every anti biotic for my acne which I first got age 20, am now 31. minocycline held it off for so many years, then became less affective but I still took it to stop scarring. Then novemmeber 2009 it became useless as my acne got angrier and angrier. Inbetween 2000 and 2009 I also went into a trial and had pulsed dye laser treatment which failed and made my acne worse also because I had to be off all medication during the trial I had nothing to help my acne. Novemember 2009 tried lymcycline for 3 months FAILED! Oxytetracycline FAILED! retanoid cream FAILED. Benzoyle peroxide 5% FAILED!...Now this is where it gets weird. I hated benzoyle peroxide because it made my skin flake and never worked...yet the regimen is benzoyle peroxide and it has cured my acne. Here is why. BENZOYL PEROXIDE REGIMEN THE DO'S DON'T AND FACTS. The doctor prescribes it and you are supposed to use a pea sized amount on your whole face. It doesn't work, your skin is on fire, it flakes, it peels and you stop using it. You need to smother your face in benzoyl peroxide....BUT NOT AT FIRST! Don't over do it like I did, it hurts like hell and no amount of moisturizer or jojoba oil will help the dryness or stinging. Start very slowly, be patient, let your skin get used to it...it will get used to it but you also have to get used to some redness and flaking and soreness for weeks to come even with a small amount. a unscented, sensetive moisturizer and jojoba oil is the key to soft skin with this. You may get itching, I did, redness, yep, flaking yep, stinging yep. But they do gradually go away but can take a few months because everytime you slowly up the amount of benzoyl the side effects start all over again each time until you are at your final increase and when your skin gets used to that you wont go through that again! I am on a maintanance dose now which is the size of penny but I was using the amount shown in the acne.org video and after a few months never had a problem. I also now as maintanace do this only at night and am generous with a big dollop of moisturizer and a few drops of jojoba oil which also will help with scarring. MOISTURIZE, MOISTURIZE AND MOISTURIZE! the key to helping your skin on the regimen is to really moisturize and add a few drops of jojoba oil once the moisturizer is in your hand, swirl the mixture around in the palm of your hand then gently rub into the whole of your face. After a while you will find you get minimal or zero dry skin at all from the peroxide. My skin is very soft now and I use the oil and moisturizer every night. Jojoba oil is a must, it will not block your pores and will also help with any scarring. Dry skin tricks the body into producing more oil to combat the dryness, so the myth of drying out the skin to get rid of acne is garbage because if your skin is too dry it will just produce more oil which then leads to more acne. NEVER SKIP A DAY ON THE REGIMEN! It's time consuming, and especially after a late night out you really don't want to take make up off, wash your face, wait 10 minutes, benzoyl on, wait 10 minutes then moisturize. YOU HAVE TO! I have even done it with flu because I have missed a couple of the odd nights then woken up with a big boil or 2 the next day. Never skip it. WHY THE REGIMEN WORKS Acne cannot survive oxygen, benzoyl peroxide creates oxygen under the skin. If your skin becomes too dry which it will with the regimen, your skin produces more oil to compensate for the dryness so that is also why you need to moisturize because excess oil leads to acne. To all of you starting the regimen be patient, stick with it, be even more patient. This has ben a 14 month journey for me to be acne free, and I am acne free now and have been for 6 months or so. Please stick with it and know that it could take months and months to work but it is so worth it. GOOD LUCK AND PLEASE LOOK ON MY PROFILE AT MY BEFORE THE REGIMEN AND 14 MONTHS LATER PHOTO ALBUMS FOR THE DRASTIC CHANGE IN MY ACNE.




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