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Getting better at the worst time

I booked my appointment for the derm about a month ago (maybe less actually) and I was planning on asking for roaccutane. My skin is currently looking pretty good – the best it’s looked for years. So I’m assuming that the derm will say no. BUT! Does this mean that to continue my clear skin stint, I must continue my current regimen forever? What happens when I stop using epiduo? I currently average nearly £70 a month on skin care things – supps, prescriptions and Clinique shi

Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream

My mum bought me this super expensive Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour cream. It's not a cream though it's kinda like vaseline. Very thick and oily. It's been around for years and years and lots of people swear by it. Last night I used it after my epiduo. This morning my skin was very soft but will not be able to tell if its making a difference for a few weeks. Fingers crossed! On another note, I am still getting spots - one on my eyebrown, one on my lip. I'm kind of hoping that my acne goe

Life is good right now!

Helloooo Skin status - definitely getting there. I'm the clearest I've been in about two years! I'm going to put this down to the Epiduo. Whilst the lemon and ACV toner I've been using has helped a lot, I think that using Epiduo AS PRESCRIBED rather than how I think is best has worked out well. I've even started wearing foundation again (I think I do this the wrong way round - when my skin is really bad, I don't wear any make up - I want to let my skin breathe. When my skin is good, I

Slightly Altered Regimen... AGAIN!

Last weekend, I had a shit time with my skin. I was so sad about it. This week I've been eating really healthily. Haven't had any slip ups apart from two squares of dark chocolate and one muffin that I made myself (although it had zero sugar in it and sunflower spread instead of margarine.. was actually delicious surprisingly!). Emotionally, I've been feeling a lot better. I have come to the conclusion that although my skin goes through periods of being in 'clearing up' and then goes

Giving holistic one more shot

Haven't written a blog for a while. Mainly been posting. I've used epiduo for a month now. I think I was using it wrong. I'd apply it all over my chin at night, even the places that weren't broken out. In the morning I couldn't face the day without some kind of spot treatment to protect me. So I would dab small apounts of epiduo onto the active spots. I read yesterday that Retin A shouldn't be over used - it irritates the skin and makes it more sensitive to breaking out (I hope I wro

Day 22 - GAH! Change of regimen. Acne you wanker!

Day 22 I've added pictures to my gallery I was thinking that finally the left side of my chin was clear of acne and that it was merely the scars that I would have to deal with. Wrong again. EVERY time I think I might be clear a brand new cluster of spots come up. Last night I noticed that THREE new spots were forming and they were going to be big ones. I felt like crying. Why why why?!?! I’ve changed my diet, I don’t wear makeup, I don’t pick, I drink my body weight in wate




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Day 20 - more pictures

So I've added more pictures to my album - Please have a look and maybe let me know if it seems like it's getting any better? My obsession is blinding me a bit. The big new spot on my chin is very painful as is the one on my left cheek. As quickly as the old spots are diminishing new ones are forming. VERY frustrating! I experimented last night with vitamin E oil - popped a capsule and rubbed into my skin. It is SO thick. My boyfriend came round without warning and found it hilarious. H


Over the weekend I had my promo gig. I had to dress like a 60s air hostess and approach lots of people to promote the new Lynx spray. My colleagues on the job were three beautiful, thin working models. I was out of place but I didn't notice, I felt confident with my makeup and in the sexy uniform and actually got just as much attention as the real models. Then on Sunday I visited my parents. The first thing my mum said to me was "Abi your skin looks terrible. Go to Clinique and get a

Day 15

Thursday 16th June Did a quick lemon and honey face mask in the bath yesterday. It was quick because I ran a bath, prepared the mixture, got my bath playlist on... mmm sunk into the warm water with the sweet sticky mask healing my skin - paradise. BANG BANG BANG "ABS WE ARE LEAVING FOR THE CINEMA IN TEN MINUTES AND YOUR BOYFRIEND IS HERE". Ah shit I forgot he was coming and I deifnitely forgot about seeing X Men First Class. Jumped out of the bath and washed my face. Decided to

Day 14 (started taking Niacin B3)

Wednesday 15th June 2011 I bought some new supplements yesterday! Spent 25squid on those little bastards. Was very interested in the Niacin after reading review on here. Took 200mg this morning and I definitely experienced the flush. First my ears got hot and red, I looked in my rear view mirror and caught sight of my face, it looked as if I'd been slapped. So red. Then my hands and arms... I looked in the mirror and saw blotchy redness... Anyway it only lasted for about half

Day 13

Tuesday 14th June 2011 New large spot on my cheek, my chin has about 8 active spots, a couple of dying ones. My chin, nose and sides of nose seem to have developed yet more black heads - but I can deal with those later. Although my breakout is quite bad, I think that it is probably just a purge and that it is getting better. I'm feeling quite positive about my skin today. Will go for a walk in the sun (if it appears) on my lunch break to get a dose of vit D and seratonin Oh and

Day 12

Monday 13th June 2011 I totally ruined my skin diet over the weekend... Friday went for a Japanese with my family and friends. So it was rice city and we drank so much that on the train back we were dancing up and down the carriage singing (the carriage of people ended up joining in AND the conductor, wish I could post youtube videos on here. It was like a flash mob of middle aged people). Saturday I ate my weight in cakes and curry and drank enough wine to find it a good idea to bump

Day 11

Sunday 12th June 2011 Ugly skin break out from weekend piss up... Did hang over recovery with a long hot bath with a honey and lemon mask with Its Always Sunny In Phillidelphia (best show ever, why does that not air in the UK?!?!?!) on my laptop. After I took it off my skin definitely looks more alive but the zits are still quite rank looking...

After my derm appointment...

10th June cont. Just got back from my derm appointment. I don't feel like it was very successful, she gave me a perscription for some vit A + BP topical cream and some perscription moisturiser. So I guess I've wasted a shit load of cash on the clinique stuff. 8 weeks before I will see ANY results which makes me feel so crappy. My mum had very bad acne and went on roaccatain when she was my age and the derm explained that it's nothing that I'm doing wrong - it's just genetics. Which ma

Day 9

Friday 10th June 2011 Last night I was meant to go for a family meal and then go to my boyfriends house. People who have seen my skin at its worst and love me anyway. I had a break out yesterday and I felt so depressed, I've been doing EVERYTHING for my skin and literally spent over £100 on products this month. I tried to power through, did a honey mask to take down the redness and used a makeup brush to apply the clinique anti blemish foundation. It kind of made the raised lumps loo

Day 8

Thursday 9th June 2011 Woke up this morning and have had a few new pimples. I think it is because I was on the phone at work yesterday and was holding the receiver to my face with my shoulder. Also work is VERY stressful at the moment so I suppose that isn't helping. Despite this, my skin does look like it is healing. But I'm not going to get too excited because I can see some bigger zits hiding under the skin ready to emerge. The Clinique Anti Blemish Foundation is proving to be

Day 7

Wednesday 8th June 2011 Last night I went to the pub and had some greasy fried foods then had a huge bag of sweets at the cinema so I was fearing break out this morning from all the crappy food and wine. Especially because I wore the new Clinique foundation ALL day yesterday - and I rarely/never wear makeup all day. This morning, no new spots. The pimples that came up on Sunday are fading very quickly. My skin seems less oily. The redness is still quite apparent - I used to use

Day 6

Tuesday 7th June 2011 At work yesterday, I was the least productive I've ever been. Spent the entire day on here and looking at review for different products. Decided to give lemon a shot. I've not had great experiences of putting food on my face - the egg STUNK, the mask was tight and uncomfortable and my housemates thought I had a bizarre fetish. I squeezed some lemon into a ramikin and let a cotton wool ball soak up the juice. I applied it all over my face hoping to neutralise the

Lack of Photos

I have HEAPS of photos but I've not been around long enough to post them. Will put them in my gallery for now.

Day 5

Monday 6th June 2011 My skin seemed to be getting a little better. I didn't have any new spots Saturday or Sunday. The Clinique is drying out the spots so that when they die there is a tiny circle of dead skin that comes away with the clarifying lotion. I wore foundation on Saturday because the redness was quite bad and I think it broke me out... On Sunday evening I noticed that there were three baby spots forming around my mouth. I'm using the Clinique Blemish Gel on all the spots so

Day 2

Friday 3rd June 2011 Today, no new spots. The cystic monster on my chin hasn't got any bigger but still red. The ones around my mouth and cheek are dying and looking crispy, no new spots. So far so good. I'm not wearing any make up at all but will try wearing foundation tonight when I go out for dinner. I use bare minerals which isn't great for coverage but I feel safer that it won't give me MORE spots (so they say). I can't wait for clear skin so I can wear good makeup again or bett

New Regimen Day 1

Thursday 2nd June 2011 So I start with the Foaming Wash - 1 pump. Smells a little bit like grout but not unpleasant. Pat face dry with my clean towel (I wash my towels within an inch of their lives - rigid as hell) I use a cotton bud to apply the exfoliating clarifying lotion which has a fine powder in it that removes dead cells (and it does, cotton wool looks yellow with dead skin bits on it) This step makes me face sting a little which I like because I think it's probably workin

Background with acne

Hello! I have been posting my progress on the forum but have decided to move it all to a blog instead. I started getting acne about three years ago. I went to Australia (frickin awesome!) gained 3 stone due to over indulgence and general happiness. Returned to the UK and lost 3 stone in three months due to training for three peaks challenge and quitting the beer (I miss you beer!) My formally clear skin went insane! I had cyctic nodules and a lot of red angry spots, mainly around
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