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Post Accutane (two years and 3 months)

Wow it's been a while. Well, in my last entry i was complaining about getting the FIRST black head. That was 9 months ago. Since then i have been getting the equal amount of little white heads but more blackheads, like one every three weeks. The oil has remained the same since 9 months ago. It's summer and the temperature is in the 90s and that aggravates my oil glands. By the way, the last time i went to the doctor (9 months ago) i was prescribed Epiduo. It sucks! When i apply it to a nascent pimple it never gets rid of it. A pimple will actually go away if you just leave it alone rather than applying chemicals to it. The reason i am writing this entry it's because i just got another blackhead. I have thought about going on Accutane again but i'm 26. I wish it would just go away NATURALLY. OVERALL, it's allright. Skin is better than before i started Accutane. After 2.3 years, it's 30% better, which is good! My regimine: 10% Benzoyl Peroxide during the day, regular face wash at night. Well, i will be back in a couple of weeks. Hopefully by then my acne will slowly start disappearing NATURALLY. What i'm gonna start doing is STOP drinking and START consuming more Vitamin A foods, see how that works. Be back in two months to let you know the CHANGES. Peace.




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