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Day 74-This is NOT my skin

My apologies guys for not updating my blog in a while, I've been pretty busy lately. I do have some great news! As of right now,I have only two active pimples. I don't think everyone knows how much of an improvment that is. At the beginning of summer I had moderate acne. Now I'm not one of those people that have 10 pimples and call it moderate acne....I had acne covering every cm of my forehead. I had acne on my chin, on the sides of my mouth and occasionally on my nose. I would have 2 to




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Day 45-Quick Update. Monthly breakout

Hey guys. So this is going to be a really quick update,nothing major like my usual posts. If you read in my previous post about the recipe for a face scrub,I will not be doing that today but fairly soon. Thank you So it's that time of the month...and I've broken out bad. Not as bad as my last period,but still bad. I have 3 under the skin pimples and two big pustules on my cheeks where I never get acne. The cheek ones will go away fast,I know that. But these under the skin pimples hurt. I t

Day 43-Getting Clear and Getting Tan. Plus:face scrub recipe.

Hey all. Aww,it's good to be home. Spent 4 beautiful days in the sun;innertubing,boating,and swimming. When I'm home I tend to look at my skin ever half hour,obsessing over every pimple,scar and flaw. The house we were staying at, had one bathroom...with one mirror. There was 8 of us total so you can imagine how much its being used. Needless to say,I didn't spend much time in there. I was kept occupied and never really thought about my acne,I found at the end of my trip that my skin was MUCH cle




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Day 34-Good Cop, Bad Cop

Hey guys. I wanted to get a post in before I left for Chelan on Wednesday(sunshine here I come! ) Maybe get some color to this pasty face of mine,haha. Hmm on day 34 of Epiduo,very pleased. However,I've had a minor breakout on my forehead. I think its due to the fact that I've been eating more sugar and not following my diet lately. My diet is to eat dairy free,not too much sugar,loads of water and plenty of fresh fruits and VEGETABLES(this ones a struggle). Cutting milk out was easy for me,I d

Day 28-Skin=Good :)

Uhhh,I feel hungover from fourth of July even though I never drank alcohol,haha. I stayed up way to late and got up way to early...but oh well,it was worth it I wore makeup yesterday,it didn't go on as smooth as I'd like in some places(which were dry from the Epiduo). I use a liquid and powder foundation so I have quite a bit of coverage. But yesterday,I only wore powder foundation! Aw,it feels good to not have to hide underneath globs of makeup. Trying to work towards not having to

Day 23-Bleh...not good.

Apologies for not posting in a while,I was camping for a week. Which is why I think my skin looks so bad right now! The right side of my face(which was almost clear) has about 8 pimples on it now. I think this is due to the fact that I barely washed my face while camping AND I was on the dreaded time of the month. *sigh*...Back to square one. But on the bright side,now that I'm back home and off my period my skin is doing a lot better. Epiduo no longer makes my skin flaky or red which make


Hey all! So just going to give you a quick overview of the days I didnt post about. 4 or 5 days into Epiduo my face was tight and peeling like crazy! My problem areas felt really rashy and rough(not a pretty sight). That lasted about a good 5 days. I wouldnt recommend exfoliating very much during this time because that only made more irritation and my face felt raw. During that time I was using Cetaphil gentle face wash and didnt wear makeup to cut down as much irritation as I could. Ater put

Day 4-Lookin gooood

Hey hey hey So this is my fourth day using Epiduo and I have to say,im pretty darn impressed. I only broke out for two days(about 5 whiteheads) but theyre getting smaller everyday. Other than those five whiteheads but acne is probably 75-80% clear! ITS ONLY DAY 4! I hope this continues because its making me really happy,my skin hasnt been this clear in FOREVER!! However,I am feeling the burning/dryness etc. that I keep hearing about. It burns a lot when i put it on at night,I cant put on mois

Day 2-Uh Oh

Hey everyone So Im on day 3 and Ive already started to breakout,yikes! I have about 5 whiteheads on my forehead and 3 on my chin. Some are pretty painful but ive made sure not to pop them! I havent gotten the stinging and dryness I keep hearing about but when I put on my moisturizer it burns a little,nothing I cant handle. The breakout isnt too bad and my whiteheads seem to be drying out on there own. Ive also seen a decrease in my little flesh colored pimples,so im happy about that . Going


Alrighty...a little introduction first. I've been suffering for acne since I was 10,im 15 now and things have slowly gotten worse each year. My acne is moderate and mainly on my forehead,chin and sides of my mouth. Ive always had great confidence but seeing peope with clear skin everyday has taken a toll on me. I OBSESS over my skin,whenever I look in a mirror I examine my skin and see how many new pimples have sprouted up! My derm put me on Doxycycline and Epiduo a couple months ago. The Doxcyc
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