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So Over it!!

I really am over acne. I hate it so much!! I love my friends but I must say i've only had acne moderately over the past 2 years.. I never knew how judgmental they are about everyone skin! It makes me feel so self-conscious.. I guess it is true no one really knows how emotionally frustrating it gets.. People think it goes away in an instant and if they had it, it would be so easy to cure.. I'd like to ask a few questions to everyone.. Firstly, Do you girls that have acne stand away far away from your mirror when applying make-up? Secondly, Does/Has Proactive work for you? Im gonna go back on roaccutane again it really help my skin so much.. got so many compliments lets hope it will work this time.. Apparently accutane can cause depression to be honest having acne is way more depressing then taking a pill.. to be honest I think it would have the opposite effect more than anything!!