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using all of dans products for the face, hoping to be clear..someday!

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FUCK THIS WEBSITE. I GOT SCAMMED BY DAN KERNS DAMN REGIMEN, ive been on EVERYTHING EVERY DAMN THNG. the diet didn't work in the long run... my acne isn't caused by food allergies, it's caused by hormones. i cant fucking change my genetics. I'm going on Accutane. Waiting for my prescription. i need to be clear by the end of summer. Fuck You DKR Regimen... I am beyond let down. Dissapointed..://

changing my diet

my face is showing minimal improvement after just 4 days of being on this health foods diet. I have beaten many many temptations, but its so hard... especially because im only 14, but that's no excuse. i've really pushed myself to eating healthy, raw foods, vegan diet.... it's so hard..it's so hard. im crying right now because i miss food so much. i miss biting down on some yummy foods. my mom keeps fucking tempting me and saying "oh hey have some chicken" "have some wheat bread, its vegan!" IT'S LIKE SHE THINKS THIS IS A JOKE. THIS IS NOT A FUCKING JOKE TO ME. I am giving up my HAPPINESS (food) for clear skin. i BETTER FUCKING SEE AN IMPROVEMENT. now goodbye, i am going to go eat some fuckin fruit.

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starting up again....?

my acne is probably the worst its ever been. its around my freaking nose now. its sick looking. ive been to therapy countless times, had so many fights with my mom, im so unmotivated because of fucking acne. ive been suicidal the past few weeks actuallly.. so many fucking bumps. it had officially slaughtered my social life and my confidence. summer is in a week, so i'm dedicating these next 2 1/2 months to my acne. i read a really inspiring post on here about taking a gluten free diet, and health foods diet. no bad foooods... it's hard because all i've ever eaten up to now is junk foods. ive never had a salad before. im gonna try one today.... i really do hope this lifestyle cures my acne. i'll also hit the gym up to workout again... im scared. im really scared, this is all really disheartening. my familys going crazy over my emotional problems due to acne. i've made my own mother cry. i almost commited sucide a few times. now im just trying to use BP at night. fuck you acne, someday i hope to be clear and look back on all these posts and feel some sort of accomplishment.. i cant just go out to the store and purchase proactive or some shit... my problems are so much deeper. i never knew my feelings would escalate to this level.

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ive quit it. it made me skin look leathery, is it fucking worth it?! im suicidal. fucking worst breakout ive ever had. ever. i fucking want to die. if hydrogyn peroxide dont work, then i wont be living. FUCK YOU DAN KERN, FUCK YOU AND YOUR DAMN PRODUCTS, FUCK IT.

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Almost clear!

I'm about 4 week into the regimen, and my skins lookin mighty fine! I have about 3 active pimples on my face, but i have a sick amount of damn redmarks.. I can deffenetly cover them up with foundation though, but i'm scared the foundation will gimme a breakout.. Anyways, I've been laying low, not hanging with anyone, just indoors workin on my skin... I have a piano recital tomorrow, and I'm gonna wear foundation and facial makeup. I'm suuper duuper scared though...Last time I wore foundation my skin looked like shitty leathery shit (mind the badwords..) I'll update on how it all went in a few days. 85% clearr!

I went to THERAPY for my acne

I went to fucking therapy for my acne problems. Let me start from the beginning my explaining exactly why. Ever since I started the regimen 3-4 weeks ago, I havn't exactly been socializing because i'm so ashamed of my scarred/pimpled/red face complexion. I spend most of my time now coming home from school and taking a shower, spending atleast 30 minutes dedicated to the acne.org regimen. I've spent probably 20+ hours researching acne, i'm deffenetly beyond informed on everything acne. I've been getting so consumed by my acne and scars that i am not living life. So my parents treatened to take me to therapy. I laughed in their faces, i'm like wtf nothing is wronggg with me, i keep saying "when i'm clear, i'll be SOOO sociable," i just want to lay low for a while till my skin gets back on track. but my mom took me to a damn therapist and she was explaining her concerns and shit, i didn't know i would break down the way i did at the therapists office. I remember one thing my mom said that hit my heart so hard, it left me breathless with no words to say except tears. it was about how I had this one tantrum to my parents saying "YOU DONT' UNDERSTAND, i need to stay out of anything sociable for a while until i am clear. you don't get it, how HARD it is to be at school, seeing hundreds of kids a day with FUCKING CLEAR SKIN, NOT A SCAR ON THEIR FACES, it's ashaming when i look at myself in the school bathroom mirror. i dont look people in the eyes anymore. i have NO confidence now," my brother was in the room and said "you dont know what it was like for me, going to school for 6 months on accutane with horrible side effects and nasty fucking chapped lips EVERYDAY." i went up to my room and slammed the door. i cried, obviously, and took a shower and did the regimen. but at the therapists office my mom explained how my brother (my tough brother who never shows any love or emotions) went back downstairs and started crying for me. Someone understands.. But at the therapists office i DID look like a little fool, with tears down my face, all my face makeup coming off, but i didn't care, and couldn't control it, for my emotions were controlling me.. The suckish thing about is is that I have to go back to the therapists next week. FUCK MY LIFE. FUCK YOU ACNE AND SCARS, I WANT YOU GONEEE even though most of my acne is gone, it's mainly just scars...

I feel hopeless..

Week 3: Dang. These 3 weeks have gone by so slow.. When your on the regimen and you have your hopes up, minutes turn into hours. Anyways I finally cracked, and decided "FUCK IT, imma just wear some face makeup today to cover these oh so unattractive scars and hyperpigmentation" BIG MISTAKE. Since the regimen makes my skin look like leathery shiz, the foundation went on all cakey and balled up and pretty much to sum it up... It looked like shit. I had atleast 3 of my really honest guy friends tell me my face looks like crap. "What's wrong with your face? Everyone on the soccer team talks about how you wear so much makeup" Can someone bury me in a hole?! My pimples aren't even going away too much, atleast my chinny chin chin isn't dry as the sahara desert anymore, even though i looked oily with globs of jojoba oil on... The real question you have to ask yourself on the regimen, is do you want to be overly dry, or overly oily? there really isn't any other option. TRY THIS REGIMEN OVER THE DAMN SUMMER unless you want to be faced with embarrestment.. What sucks more? I was relying on the face makeup to make my face look perfect for when i meet up with my soon-to-be future boyfriend. I see him in about 20 days, hopefully my skin will be flawless by then (okay okay that's too much to ask for...) but hopefully my skin will look perfect with foundation on. I hate my skin texture when i have bp on. I feel hopeless..

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Rant about dry skin/skin texture

i am so sick of having these flakes upon my chinny chin chin. talk about EMBARRESTING. Anyways, i have pretty much no scars on my forehead, just on my chinny chin chin. this looks stuupid, like a moustache of evil little red dots.. i despise waking up every morning, nervously approaching the mirror in my bathroom, to start the regimen. it's SCARY seeing new pimples/breakouts/and the SCARY FLAKES. annyways; my skin looks like a scaley fish, leathery texture...if you catch my drift:/ hopefully this passes

2nd Week

I'm not going to list out every single day like I did for the first week. I'll just sum it all up.. So this week was better than the first, by far. My face isn't tight anymore, so that meens I can smile without my face cracking! hhahahhaa... My face texture is really rough and embarrestingly dry and flakey. The pimples on my face are pretty much gone from my forehead and t-zone (very pleased!) My cheeks are practically clear except one pimple. My chin though...My chin looks like BS. I have about 5 little pimples on my chin and it's severley dry. None of my other face is dry when I add jojoba oil to Dan's sucky moisterizer, except my chin. I've been hiding my chin pretty much with my fingers but I make sure NOT TO TOUCH IT! Redmarks suck. Anyways, my periods coming up soon, and I'm hoping for no sudden breakouts. IDK what to expect, but I'll make another blog entry at the end of the 3rd week. I need more than just a wish right now.

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First Week Experience

1st Day: I'm happy the regimen arrived today! My parents think this regimen is a total scam, I hope to prove them wrong!! My family doesn't understand my psychological pain from acne. My skin looks and feels good, but this regimen takes a long time to apply, it makes my pimples look sort of red, I HATE LOOKING at my face. Going to school without any face makeup, this takes courage... Day 2: Skin is beginning to feel the sting of the BP start, I think I applied too much BP. I didn't goto school with any face makeup today. Time to show the whole school my past scars and acne.... THIS IS TORCHER. It's friday, and I'm not going anywhere but home to wash my effing face. Day 3: Today REALLY SUCKED. It's saturday, and of course I'm doing nothing but staying home obsessing over my skin. My face burned like crap today. It's stil hurting but i'm not even using the full amount of BP. I keep reminding myself that constantly looking in the mirrror won't make my acne go away.. I just can't wait until my acne is clear. I'm giving this regimen all my time, effort, and energy. I hope it doesn't dissapoint me. this is hell. VERY DEPRESSED. Day 4: Face is still severley red. Looks like a bad sunburn. my face is hardto move, and I can barley open my mouth to eat like a civilized human being. Mildly itchy face, but stings frequently. Doing better than yesterday, but still.. Not looking forward to facing people at school tmorrow. Oh well, this pain is only temorary but in the future i'll be clear. My parents still continue thinking this regimen is a total scam, and my mom's even tried convincing me to stop with the regimen. No way, maaammaa, no waaay. Day 5: I always dread the regimen, but i'm consistent. I really wanted to wear foundation today, but didn't. My face stings and is still red. Day 6: Redness slowly fading. My acne is improving. Atleast my complexion looks great in dim lights, but at school i'v been avoiding all bathrooms because my skin looks like BS under flouresent lights, that are bright and show every blemish you ever had. My face is still super tight. My face infact is so tight I havn't been able to smile since starting the regimen. It's hard talking to my friends at school because i can't really open my mouth. Everyone thinks there's something wrong with me. Day 7: Dryness is starting to kick in. My face is STILL sort of redish, but now I have flakes everywhere. This jojoba oil is a lifesaver, but my face is effing dry with it.. This week is coming to an end, and I would classify it as the hardest week of my life. I know this regimen won't work the first week, but I'm sticking with it no matter what.

How Acne Ruins my Life/ About Me

Around school, I've always been known as the pretty girl.. with acne. I started getting acne around in 8th grade. I'm now at the end of 9th grade, but my acne has just gotten worse. I constantly see my friends and people at schools acne, none of them are as worse as mine. I can't have a fun social life because of my acne. I've missed out on countless dates, hangouts, concerts, parties, dances, because I'm so self-concious of my acne. Covering my pimples and scars up with gallons of foundation just made my face look like crap under the flouresent lights at school.. I tried pretty much every topical prescribed from my dermatologist and countless other methods, along with pills. I'm beginning to become OBSESSED with my acne. If this acne.org regimen doesn't work, I have no choice but to begg my dermatologist(who doesn't give a crap) to put me on accutane. Acne= Social Suicide

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