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Acne Prescriptions+ face= my side of things

I'm like any other teen going through high school with ance, looking at all the clear faces and wondering what is there secret, why are they so lucky. I haven't always used foundation to cover my blemishes and such, but I just want to have beautiful skin so badly. I'm sure we've all dreamed of waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and saying "helloooo beautiful." Well sad to say it doesn't really happen. For the past year, I've tried over a dozen products and methods all saying the same thing ( Were the miracle you've been searching for.) I've even gone as far as asking my doctor for a product that was most successful. Clindoxyl Gel and Differin were introduced in my life. Which of course turned out to be a waste of my money since There pretty pricey and I'm not in any drug plan. Differin was the first to be tested, which within the first few days, all my acne cleared up and I had 2 weeks of no zit making camp on face. It was amazing! A friend of mine is also on Differin and he's been using it for 3 months, he still have super dry skin and ance. My mistake was using this Clindoxyl Gel. The reason would be that after the few weeks of clear skin, I got curious of this product and the wonders it held. Not to mention, my doctor raved about how it helped her daughters out and now they have pimple-free epidermis (lol it means skin btw.) So I tried it out since I was promised I could wear it under makeup. Well, let me tell you....the only wonders I found was the "gee I wonder how much larger each zit can get and how big of a pimple city it'll reproduce." That's right, EPIC FAIL. I had cities of acne, High risers on my forehead and mouth. And what's shocking enough is that I have never ever had acne on my cheeks/cheek bones but after using this product, now I always have some popping up like weeds. The reviews online said you have to wait a month or so before you see results. Yea.....3 weeks on that and I was done. I stopped using all my prescriptions, switched all my face soaps, scrubbed my face like no tomorrow and as a last chance of hope, I used some clearasil- acne treatment cream. It worked a whole heck of a lot better then those lying prescriptions which cost almost 200$ vs. tops 20$ and that's including the Burt's bee lip balm I got. I really just wanted to let my experience with those prescriptions out in hopes one day, someone will come across this silly and small blog and get something out of it. Well, time to go fight the never ending battle versus acne. I know what I'm wishing for on my birthday......