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A Tale of Birth Control and Proactiv

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Hi everyone! I wanted to share my acne tale of woe. Any feedback/advice would be much appreciated!!! In high school, I used a combination of Yasmin (birth control) and Proactiv to treat my acne. After a few months of consistent use, my skin was clear. But when I went off to college, I got lazy about my skin regimen and taking my birth control consistently. Since then, I've gone on the pill (still Yasmin) and then back off in a matter of weeks, or even days, when my face starts to break out more. Now, I've started to take charge and am using Proactiv consistently and just started on Ortho Tri Cyclen. Three days in, my acne is worse! I'm trying not to panic and take my usual path of stopping the birth control the minute my acne worsens. I've heard it takes three months for Ortho Tri Cyclen to really begin to clear your skin. However, it's hard not to panic when I'm breaking out more! Does anyone have any advice/suggestions/similar experiences??? Thanks! Emily




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