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Almost A Year

So I've now been doing the Regimen for almost a year and I actually pretty much cleared up, however in the last month or so I seem to be getting a few big red spots again which are once again depressing me. I did however stop applying BP in the evening around December time and so have now started my two applications again today as I miss my acne free skin

Day 164

Soooo basically all is going well! Not a lot to report, I still daren't leave the house without foundation but at least nowadays my face is smooooth so you can't tell I have acne. PIH is still there, but must be fading sloooowly haha. I'm pretty happy to keep on and see further improvement. I'm pretty slack sometimes with applications and if it's too late when I get ready for bed I sometimes just apply AHA instead of doing the regimen, missing out on 1 application now and again doesn't seem to have any bad implications though so I'm happy I also use 1 pump of BP on the night and about 2/3 of a pump in the morning as I find it takes aaages to soak in and I don't have as long to sit around in the morning lol. My new cleanser is good! It's in a pop top squeezy tube though which isn't quite as handy to use when your hands are wet as just pressing down on Dan's org products, but the product itself works just as well and it only cost me £1.99!! I'll probably continue to use both.




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Day 132

Ok so this is the first time I've been on the org on my phone so I'm leavin a quick post to celebrate the occasion haha. I'm gettin rly annoyed with my PIH now, will it ever fade to leave me with nice skin again? :-/ I guess so eventually.. I'm hoping for drastic (or at least some) improvement in time for Christmas. I also bought a cleanser to try today as even though I love Dan's it would be a bit cheaper for me! It's olay refreshing face wash. I will let ya know how that works out for me!

Day 130

Sooo this has been a while ha. It turns out that the new updated org doesn't load properly on my work computer where I usually update everything! So I'll probably be updating this a lot less. Not a lot to say, just that I picked a spot on my left cheek the other day! Only one but that's the first time I've properly picked in ages! PIH alert, NOOOOOO!! lol

Day 118

Ok so wow yesterday I attacked my face a lot more than I have in what seems like a looooong time, I picked this little thing on my forehead and this other tiny bump on my right cheek (which has left a big red mark btw ) and even a toothpastey type spot thing on my chin! I am soooo annoyed at myself! Even though I didn't really do that much compared to when I usually go wild, my face is still worse than it has been for a while. I'm just hoping that this is because of my time of month only. Overall I am feeling rather crap about my face today!!




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Day 117

So, as predicted that red bumpy spot thing that came up is still there, that's like 5 days its been here already! It hasn't come to a head or anything but is just hanging around to annoy me it would seem... I think it may have gotten very sliiightly smaller from yesterday... But to be honest I'm probably just wishing that. Haha. No other spots really, had a tiny random thing on my forehead this morning, which is weird since I don't usually get anything much there. But otherwise I'm ok Due on my period any day now so maybe that's the reason for these spots which ain't too bad if they're a pre menstrual breakout! Just getting annoyed with the red marks now, wish they would go away faster and praying this spot doesn't leave another mark! I guess they will go in time, I've only been on the Regimen 4 months and when I think of the improvement I have had in that time I shouldn't complain.

Day 112

I'm pretty upset at the moment. It probably seems pathetic really compared to how bad my acne used to be, but I have like a red spot on my right cheek which is coming up to a bump and I'm gutted!! It doesn't have a whitehead or anything and looking at it I don't think it's likely to, but sometimes these ones are worse as they seem to take a lot longer to go away! I guess it's a good thing that one tiny spot can upset me nowadays ha. I'm just worried that it's gonna leave extra PIH to get rid of I'm gonna leave it to run it's course (or at least I intend to..) and hopefully it won't leave a mark

Day 109

So I am majorly happy at the moment cause looking back through my log the last time I had a spot was about 9 days ago, and that's ANY kind of spot, even a tiny hardly-worth-mentioning spot. It's actually great waking up and not having anything painful when I brush against my face or when I'm cleansing Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I still will get the odd one and definitely around that time of the month but this is greaaaat progress! Red marks - nothing new to note, no improvement noticed really!

Day 105

This morning I think I used my BP a bit high, I'm a little red on the top of my cheeks near to my eye, whoops! I have been using one full pump of BP as well but I really dunno that this is necessary, I may reduce my morning dose to 1/2 - 3/4 of a pump.




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Day 104

No real news, face status is still good. But just to say that I have documented my progress in pics so if anyone really wants to see then message me and I'll see what I can do. On one hand I feel like broadcasting them to everyone but then on the other hand I'm really shy about it as well haha

Day 103

I was a bit late up this morning so just used half a pump of BP rather than a full one so that it would dry quicker. This still seems like a fair amount I think! Just for info, I have never used more than a full pump and I really have cleared up on DKR well. I have no spots at the moment so I'm happy still working on the PIH but overall very pleased with progress so far

Day 100

I went a bit savage this morning on the tiiiiniest little spot that was there - think it's because it was a bit painful and I hate those ones cause they're harder to pretend they're not there because you can feel them.. A little annoyed at myself as I wasn't exactly careful and that's defo gonna leave a red mark but otherwise no other spots

Day 96

I had a sliiight relapse last night and picked the three bumps that had come up on my left cheek. They weren't even painful or obvious spots, but they did pop.. I then went on to pick a couple of other little unobvious pores really! WTF! In the end I basically just thought to myself step away from the mirror... Cause I was actually searching my face for something to pick! There was nothing but it's like I just wanted to feel the picking sensation! Oh dear, us pickers definitely need help or something lol. I didn't make too much of a mess or anything but I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get left over red marks on my left cheek from those three :/

Day 95

I think I skipped a regimen application or two at the weekend! It's my friends last weekend in England before she goes to Australia for a year sooo it was a pretty wild weekend ha. My face doesn't do too badly when I only give it one application but I'm soooo gonna stop slacking cause obviously it's gonna work better if I do it twice a day. I have a couple of bumps come up on my left cheek but they're not painful or whiteheads yet so I've managed to leave them be.

Day 91

That other big red bumpy spot on my right cheek had turned into something more pickable and I couldn't resist *sigh* it's going down nicely but still very red! Last night my mum said my complexion is looking a lot better so overall I'm quite happy despite my dying couple of spots

Day 90

I think my most recent little breakout was probably due to the time of the month as I took the last pill of my pack of Dianette yesterday so am due on any day now.. At the moment I have one spot on my left cheek which I'd somehow sort of popped in my sleep so finished it off this morning :/ and a big red lumpy thing on my right cheek which isn't in a real spot stage yet and I hope if it does turn into a white head I can refrain from picking it! I also didn't have time for the Regimen this morning but luckily this doesn't happen toooo often. What does annoy me is that even though I only do the Regimen on my face, my neck ends up all flaky!!!

Day 88

So I pretty much spoke too soon ha, the day after my last post I got like 3 little spots come up right near my mouth on the right side. One has totally gone already, one is on the way out and the other one is a red bump which I think is just one of those reaaally slow ones to come up! A bit annoying but not too bothersome. I'm also not sure if I'm quiiiite as bloated just lately but I've been trying not to take too much notice really! Since I have two more packs of Dianette I may just continue for now and see if these side effects subside.

Day 83

Soooo all I have is like one dying zit at the mo on my chin which is hardly worth mentioning to be honest I do however have a problem...... I think I'm gonna have to stop taking Dianette. Yesterday I was soooo bloated and I'd only been eating small amounts and healthy food all day. I've also been walking more than normal for the last few days. Sometimes I do get bloated of course, but then even my boyfriend joked about my 'podge' last night. I know he wasn't trying to be mean but the fact that he also noticed it means its not just me imagining things. So anyway, I'd had a fair bit of bread with my soup for tea and thought it was maybe that... But this morning I woke up, and normally when I wake up in the morning from being bloated the day before my stomach is much flatter, however this morning my stomach is still really big! When standing up straight my belly looks a few months pregnant! I also weighed about 8 stone 3/4 (about 123 lbs) this morning when normally I weigh approx 8 1/4 stone (115lbs). That's half a stone extra! I also think I'm getting loss of libido on it too :/ so probably have to stop taking it after this pack it's not toooo big a deal considering I think any improvement I have acne wise is from DKR anyway, but it would be nice to just have to take a pill for my skin rather than have to do the Regimen - plus it would be cheaper! Will keep you updated

Day 82

I only have like one little spot on my chin at the min, which hurt last night so I picked it but it didn't really get any better! lol. I was late up this morning and only had half an hour to do the regimen, get my breakfast, get dressed & do my makeup before leaving the house so I decided to skip the regimen as I know that if I don't leave long enough before moisturising my face will be red and sore all day. I did apply some BP just on my chin though as that's my only break out point at the minute The dents I got from my close calls with ice picks actually seem to be shallowing out even better so I'm happy about that also I swear my red marks didn't look half as bad this morning, maybe they are fading more than I realise but since I scrutinise my face every day it's hard to notice a difference from day to day. Overall I'm happy with progress and can't wait to see what another month brings!

Day 80

Sooooooo I got kinda flaky a bit just recently and had to do another jojoba oil mask, I don't have to do them very often though. I also managed to miss out 2 applications this weekend!!!! I think 1 was Friday night cos I was soooo tired and 1 on Saturday night cos I was drunk and stayed out. Angry with myself tbh as my chin came out in a couple of little spots, nothing major but I just hope I get nothing else from it. Sometimes I think my PIH is fading slightly but then other times I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it... But I guess it should only get better in time right! I did start to worry the other day though as some of my PIH looks to be like inside the actual pore is darkened from picking and I wondered whether this too will fade in time? Or have I fucked it up forever???

Day 76

I was a bit late up this morning and didn't get to wait as long after my BP application before I moisturised and my face is definitely tinged more red because of this, mainly above my mouth and the area around my eyes (well as close underneath as I get - about 1 1/2 inches away or something) I also picked a little bit the other day - mainly just little unnoticeable spots that ended up being the ones that come out like toothpaste! Addictive but really didn't help my skin at all.... I think I was stressed, my cat has gone missing and I got false hope as someone had said they thought they'd seen him but when I went for a walk around where they thought he was spotted I didn't find him I hardly have anything to pick these days, just the red marks need fading so I really have to control my picking urges if I want my face to start looking better

Day 74

I just thought I'd say that I basically don't get hardly any flakes any more! I'm not really sure when I turned that corner but I realised yesterday that at the end of my day I could smile etc without my face flaking off whereas I remember at the beginning I had to try not to move my face and had to rush home after work to take my makeup off and re-moisturise, so people who are just starting out - it does eventually subside! Same with the redness, I don't get red hardly at all anymore, I do occasionally however do a jojoba oil scrub to remove flakes if I feel the need (only done it about 3 or 4 times since I got my jojoba) and I try to leave 10-15 minutes after applying BP before I apply my moisturiser otherwise this attributes to my redness. I occasionally will get red bits on my temples if I drag the BP down there when I moisturise and if I've been out in the sun for a few hours then my face will get redder. But overall, these things do get better with time!


Just to inform people I also came on my period on 4th August and so started taking my Dianette pill, however am still continuing with DKR

Day 73

Soo the wedding was really nice I did have a MASSIVE scab on my face that day though ha! Didn't wanna pick it as I'm sure I was gonna end up with an ice pick if I did. I have one ice pick already and I could tell that's what would happen if I picked further! So I left it and it dropped off by itself later anyway. Not only did I miss out on my application on Saturday morning but Saturday night too as I was sooooo tired when I got in! Oh well, back on the BP bandwagon!

Day 70

Sooooooo I'm a bridesmaid for my friend tomorrow and I feel pretty crap I'm pretty sure I had a pre menstrual breakout and am sooo gutted my face couldn't look a bit better on a day when loooaaadsa pics are gonna be taken oh well.... nothing can be done but to plod on I guess...