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A plan is laid out...

Hello All!! My name is Lidia. I am a long-time acne sufferer. I was browsing previous dusciussions and blogs when I decided to share my hopefully positive expereince in getting rid of my acne. I'm turning 30 in 6 months, and one day it hit me. I don't want to be 30 and STILL have growing tomato-like things on my face anymore! My husband recently got home from a deployment, so we had to wait a while while switching insurance companies ( He is Nationa Guard and therefore is only eligiable for TRS). While he was deployed for a year, I saw a regular doctor on base for my acne woes. She originally gave my tetracycline and retin-a. I had a bad expereince with the 1st and stopped taking the Retin-A due to discoloration in my skin. I then switched PCM/PCPS. The new one gave me Panoxyl, an SFC(?) soap free lotion, and bezoyl peroxide at a low dose. The Panoxyl gave me lovely results. I am a latina, so my skin is on the Eva Longoria color side. She stressed about me NOT using peels and such in fear of messing with my skin. Apparently, those type of treatments work best on fair skin people. So! For about 5 months, I had no kind of break out of the cyst postules (sic?) anymore! I was on Loestrin Fe the whole time. About 6 months ago, I got off the pill due to a blood clot. And my cysts came back with a vengence!! It's been rough! I get about 3-4 a week. And when they fade, they leave red blotches for a LONG time. I hated going out. I envied women who didn't wear foundation religiously. And I woke up one day and said, "Enough". So, i went to a private Dermatologist who was covered by my insurance (off base). Right off the bat, she was so nice and understanding! Not that my previous PCP/PCM wasn't, she was just a little more "rushed" than my derm. Anyways! She perscribed me Epidou gel and Spironolactone. The Spiro is 50mg once at night. She warned me it could make me a little drowsy, which is does occassionally. I was given these on the 6th of this month. I rushed to my local Commisary to get them filled and found that they don't fill ( my local one anyways) the Epidou. So, they filled the Spiro for free with a minor change in the dosage ( 25mg- 2 pills at night). I got the Epidou filled at a local Target with minor hassel. I gave em the written script and was told at first my insurance didn't cover it. I was well aware that it did and was debating with the lady about it untill a military wife/pharmasist stepped in and said it was covered. I paid my co-pay of 9.00 for it instead of the 200.00 the other lady told me! So...always be sure of what your insuance covers!!! It's been a week since I've been taking both. About 3 days into the Spiro, I noticed a HUGE change in my oil production!!! My face isn't nearly as greasy as it was before! I also have only had one "cherry tomato" pop up!! And that was the day of my period and is now fading. I also had little tiny non-head forming zits on my forehead and arms. They have almost disappeared! I have been using the Epidou every other day. I plan to use it every day. I do get a slight burning sensation when I apply moisturizer with it. My derm said to gradually build up to maybe 2 times a day. I have a check-up with my derm in July. And I'm hoping this will be my last fight with my gross, embarrasing cherry tomatoes! I am soooo excited about this and wanted to share it with you guys!!! Feel free to ask me anything and share your experiences!! I will try and keep you posted on a weekly basis! Till next week, Lidia Morning: - wash & clean face with Panoxyl -apply light amount of Epidou -apply moisturizer ( switch from Philosophy's Hope-in-a-Jar and Boscia's oil-free, depending on how my skin feels) -apply MAC Studio Fix foundation in NC40 or NC42, and matching powder here and there Night: -wash face with SFC Soap-free lotion -apply Oil of Olay night cream -Take 2 Spiro pills




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