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My Story and The Start of Accutane

Like everyone else on this site, Acne has taken over my life. I am a junior in college and have been dealing with acne since freshman year. During High School, when every one else was dealing with acne, I wasn't. I had completely clear, beautiful skin and maybe one or two zits here and there. After the first 3 months of college, I started to break out. Those 3 months of college were the best since I wasn't completely self conscious about my face. However, the 2 in a half years to follow have literally put a strain in my life. My sophomore year was a complete blur because I never went out. I always made excuses to not see anyone. I would go home on the weekends. I got 3 PDT's done throughout the school year ,so I would miss school for awhile. It didn't help at all. Instead i would come back with a red face and explain to everyone that I got a bad sunburn. During the course of these 3 years, I've literally lived at the dermatologist office. Constantly going to new ones to see what they would advise. Throughout this process, I've done Photo Dynamic Therapy 5 times, Handfuls V beams, Smooth Beams, IPL, and countless number of Blue/Red light. I've also tried all the topicals, ranging from Tazorac to Bienclen and etc. I went on Solodyn for 8 months. It helped my acne a bit but it didnt completely stop it. My mom became afraid for my liver and took me off of it without precautionary measures. I broke out like a beast after. Not only has acne effected my social life, but also the way I'm doing in school. I used to get straight A's back in high school. Now I'm doing horrible. I can't concentrate in class because I feel like people near me or around me are playing connect the dots on my face. Also I cant walk around campus or study at the library without seeing someone. I've tried studying at home but I just can't concentrate there either because of other reasons. Since sophomore year was such a blur to me, I decided to not let that happen to my junior year. I'm trying my best to not let acne bother me as much. I started putting on this blemish cream (sort of like make up) to hide the redness. It makes me feel better about myself even though now Im constantly worried about someone calling me out on it. Literally the confidence I once had in myself has disappeared. I don't think other people see it since I still try to come off as this nonchalant, confident guy ,but it kills me inside. Anyways the past year, I saw a few dermatologists and they all told me to go on accutane. They actually told me to go on accutane back when I was a freshman. My mom was against it but I was completely for it. Now its the other way around. My mom is for it but I was against it. I read nasty reviews and my friend went on it and has been to this day experiencing the side effects. He thinks hes balding because of it and has other problems. Last week I decided to give it a try ,so I got my blood taken and was able to start a few days ago. The doc put me on 40mg a day. I felt like I was psyching myself out thinking that I'll get all the side effects (god forbid). After the second day of accutane, I was coughing alot. I skipped my fourth day of taking it because I was planning to drink a little for a party. I ended up having a beer and regretted not taking the accutane. I can tell my lips are getting alittle dry but not bad yet. I'm going to carry eye drops and lipbalm everywhere I go!!! But anyways I'll keep you guys updated with my accutane status. The Journey begins now...




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