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Hi everyone, ok heres my situation, im 19 y.o male, living in england and i have mild/moderate acne. i have been on accutane 20mg every 2 days for the past 5 weeks. and heres how its gone so far.. for the first 2 weeks my lips started to get fairly dry but aftre the 2 weeks i got used to it and there were virtually no side effects which was brilliant!. week 3 and 4 went amazing!my skin cleared up amazingly with just a couple faint blemish's but then week 5 came! i broke out quite bad on both cheeks and jaw/upper neck. now its begining of week 6 (5 weeks 2 days) im not sure if this is normal? why did my skin clear and now get worse is that normal? maybe that wasnt accutane related? anyway im curious, on a 20mg every 2 days dosage how long before i start seeing proper improvements?(i know it depends on the person, im just sayin on average) would appriciate some responses peace