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Daily Diary about my Acne / Daily regimen

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Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle

After I did some research on apple cider vinegar, I started to experiment myself since I have it in my home (prefer to use an organic one). I got mine from walmart. Anyway, after washing and steaming, I dab a little of it with a q-tip on my face... It stings a little but I notice when I apply it right on my pimple, the pus came out. When I applied it on my blackheads, it seems to dissolve ! at night i left it on but put some vit. E oil. So far I used this 3 times, and each time when I wake up in the morning my face looks surprisingly clearer !! So I highly recommed using this.





What's made it better or worse

Hello Everyone, I'm a 27- yr old female suffering from Moderate Acne & Acne Scars for 4 years. I have more problems dealing with Acne scars and the tiny bumps on my cheeks than the acne itself. I would say my pimples are due to genetics, stress, health & age combined because my mom's had it (she has scarring on her face, like a mild case of ice pick scars you could tell she used to have pimples before) I used to have this very smooth, nice and clear face (despite my greasy, sugary diet !) so I never though I would have this long frustrating, stubborn relationship with acne, but it has everything to do with what I eat, do or don't do. My skin is still far from Acne or Acne Scar Free but I'd like to share what has made it better and worse from my experience. I've learned so much from other members of this forum ! DIGESTION AND SKIN I know this is gross, but for me Digestion and Skin condition has an immediate link. I've noticed that if I don't have a bowel movement for a day, I will have a new zits the next day or more stubborn tiny bumps on my cheek. When I eat fast food, meat, white rice with no veggie, or when I forget to chew my food slowly (my bad habbit: eating too fast)=The longer it takes for the system to flush out the food I eat, the more I likely to get a breakout. FOOD Drinks that helped me speed up the digestion : Lemon & Hot water in the morning, Fruits for breakfast, and Coffee. Foods that helped me most in digestion = better skin - Okra (boil or cook in olive oil) pretty good with garlic with pinch of sea salt - Dried Cranberries (I boil it in water to remove the sugar) - Kanten (Powdered seaweed/ used to make gelatin desserts) - Shirataki Noodles (I've switched to this from Pasta, - Sweet Potatoes/Taro - Minimizing Diary Food especially Cheese WHAT TO DRINK I drink coffee everyday as it stimulates bowel movement but after I read about how coffee exacerbates acne, I stopped drinking coffee for a month. I switched over to Lemon & Hot water for a while, works great !! but didn't last long because it was too acidic (also concerned about my teeth) and my face hasn't improved even a little after I quit coffee, so I know while quitting coffee doesn't really improve my skin, constipation will most definitely worsen my acne 100 % ! So I went back to drinking coffee in the morning only, but instead decreased the amount to 3/4 of a cup. then I drink Hot Green Tea every after meal. SKIN REGIMEN Everyday Regimen - Wash Face with warm water using Clarisonic, and Biore's Blemish Fighting Cleanser - Apply Tea tree oil & Vit. E Oil twice a day - I use Burt's Bee's Acne Moisturizer I limit my BP 10 % usage on my zits 2-3 times a week at night only, it's effective when you don't use it everyday and just apply on spots. **I don't do this every night, but when I do I notice immediate effect the next day. - to prepare, I put the white potatoes in the freezer for 10-30 minutes - Remove make up, Wash face ( I use clarisonic - it cleans my face better leaving no residue) - Steam Face for 30 minutes - Mix Organic 1TBSP Sugar, 1tsp lemon, 1TBSP Olive oil - Massage the mixture VERY gently on my face, don't rub it in for 10 minutes or until sugar dissolves. then I wash my face with look warm water - then slice the cold potatoes very thinly or grate it, rub the juice on the skin and put it aside, repeat it a couple of times until potatoes are almost gone, and the last slices i leave it on my skin for 10 minutes. then i wash my face with cold water. - apply tea tree oil on the areas where i have zits/scars/milia with q-tip but if i see an obvious pimple/inflammation or pimple that's about to surface, I dap a little BP on it. - then Apply Vit E Oil (you can get this both from Trader Joe's) I apply on my entire face except the areas where i applied the BP - I use potato juice 3-4 times a week and it lightens the acne scars much faster than without using it. ** EXTRACTING BLACKHEADS ** - Occasionally I used to manually extract the comedones after I wash my face, and they come out looking like a transluscent sesame seeds. Ive done this a couple of times using proper technique, and it feels good when you get something out and feels clean , but it hasn't improved my skin AT ALL. It even leaves marks that last for days-weeks. So when I pick at those non-inflamed comedones, they just get worse. When I leave them alone and just do my daily facial regimen, my skin looks better the following day. **EXERCISE*** When I exercise, it minimizes redness and the scars seems to diminish, however I have to shower right after THEN the stretching so I don't let sweat dry on my face.. Almost every time I don't shower right after exercise, it causes breakout.. Also, I used to sleep with my face down waking up with new zits in the morning but since I started sleeping on my back, change my beddings every couple of days, and use plastic protectors for my pillow I don't have to wake up every morning with new zits.




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