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Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle

After I did some research on apple cider vinegar, I started to experiment myself since I have it in my home (prefer to use an organic one). I got mine from walmart. Anyway, after washing and steaming, I dab a little of it with a q-tip on my face... It stings a little but I notice when I apply it right on my pimple, the pus came out. When I applied it on my blackheads, it seems to dissolve ! at night i left it on but put some vit. E oil. So far I used this 3 times, and each time when I w





What's made it better or worse

Hello Everyone, I'm a 27- yr old female suffering from Moderate Acne & Acne Scars for 4 years. I have more problems dealing with Acne scars and the tiny bumps on my cheeks than the acne itself. I would say my pimples are due to genetics, stress, health & age combined because my mom's had it (she has scarring on her face, like a mild case of ice pick scars you could tell she used to have pimples before) I used to have this very smooth, nice and clear face (despite my greasy, sug




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