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Starting Accutane :)

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Hi everyone, Im 23 years old and im starting accutane June 1st. I am so excited that I decided to post my own blog and to hear about other people success stories! I have been struggling with acne for a least 10 years now! I have tried everything that you can possibly think of and spend sooo much money on different products. I went on Minocycline 2 years ago and it almost completely cleared up my skin! That was the first time my skin had been clear in years! After 2 years it was too good to be true and my acne came back due to my body becoming immune to the medication. Since then I have been struggling with it again and I can't even stand to look at myself in the mirror! It's awful. I should be out enjoying this time of my life and meeting new people and dating but I dont because I don't even have the confidence to do so! I went to the derm and literally started crying telling her how acne is ruining my life and this is when she perscribed me accutane. She went over all of the side effects which are scary but I have gotten to the point that seeing myself hold back and not go out, not go away on the weekends absolutely rediculous. I can not live my life like this anymore. Obviously the side effects are still in the back of my head, but they watch you so closely that if something goes wrong they'll take me right off! I am nervous about my skin getting worse before it gets better though! Does this happen to everyone? and for how long does the initial break out last usually? Im hoping not long considering it will be summer and I dont want to spend it hiding it my house. The other worry is losing my hair! I can deal with a little hair loss...but I dont want to go bald! and if i do lose some hair will it grow back?!




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