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So this will be my first blog, i just started accutane about a week ago but this is my second time starting it. It worked amazingly last time i was on it, but obviously it didnt last so im back on..my skin is super dry right now. Im suppose to be taking one every day but after about 5 days my skin became unmanageably dry so i just started every other day until i can find something that helps..I heard jojoba oil is suppose to help, but i haven't tried it yet..if any one reads this and has tried it I'd like to know, or if you have any solutions for super dry skin that'd be great... Right now i just cant wait until things start getting better..it's really frustrating. I dont really want to hang out with my friends and i dont like being out for long because of the dryness. I'm glad i found this cite because it's good to know other people feel the same..