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Hi Everyone! Here is my acne story

Hi Everyone! I'm new to acne.org. I am 18 and have been fighting acne for 7 years. I have tried absolute everything and lately had been becoming depressed because of my acne. My doctor perscribed me accutane in January. I have been on 60 mg for 4 months so far ( i weigh 125 lbs) and my acne has not gotten any better. Its the same as when I started and my face isnt even dry. My lips are a little dry and my skin is a little dry but sometimes I don't even have to put on moisturizer. I am still getting at least two new pimples a day. What is wrong? Does this mean it is not going to work? Can I have some feedback from either people who are going through this, have experienced or have been on accutane in general? Another one of my big concerns is HOW i am taking the medication. I take a 40mg pill and two 10 mg pills everyday with lunch, but sometimes i take them at 12 and somtimes at 2, and i do not always take them with a fatty meal. Could this be affecting it? PLEASE FEEDBACK ANYONE. much love, jess