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Sudden acne/allergy

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3rd visit to doctor

This time I went to see an allergist. A doctor that deals with allergies. It may not be the cause, but it would help to cancel things out. He was very nice. I spent more time in his office answering questions on things like my history. This is a good sign. He was fast with the questions and questions from many areas. He does not think the type of food is causing it, or basically it is not a food allergy or hayfever. He does not think it is from detoxing or change in diet. He DOES however think it has to do with my digestive system. he speckulates that my pancreas is still healing. the pancreas gives out fluids for digestions..........how could this cause acne? He is having my blood tested. I hope I can explain something later, i was too overwelmed to ask.

doctor visit #2

met with a dermotologist. Nice at first she asked what is going on. After I gave here all my information she asked if i would like some antibiotics. I cried and said I would like to be educated on whats going on. She turned to her computer and threw out a lab request idea. basically she wasn't there. I walked away and asked for a refund. I need someone to help me -help Myself.

1st doctor visit

Primary care doctor says its adult acne just by looking at it. No tests. No questions on History. she offered antibiotic pill and antibiotic face cleanser. No tests. ???? I am going to see a dermo anyway. until next time.

sudden acne/allergy

Hi, If you've clicked on this blog it most likely means you have gotten a sudden "reaction" type symptom that is in the form of acne. and...(you are not going through hormonal stuff such as puberty or cycle. See if your process is similar to how mine is/was....or share what happed at the end of your outbreak. please only respond if you have similar type acne and share your experiences. Thank you so much. Im 30 Female My symptoms: Severe in the sense they are small and ALL over the face, neck, chest. No cystic acne whiteheads most came all at once Lasted a week or so, went away, then came back again same interaction as the first. Questions to myself: Because it comes and goes mostly all at once..... *The allergy season is the worst, the wind is bad and my skin gets hives, is it related? *Is my dog bringing in a type of bacteria into the house? or what would a sudden allergy from an animal look like? ...like mine? *Sudden Food allergy? I just happened to change my diet a month before this happened due to a digestive situation. I am pretty sure I cancelled out it to be related to *detoxing. *My digestive system NOT due to food allergy, but due to the way it works or does its job? whatever the example, it affects the skin and other organs for better or for worse. and the natorious.....WTF? ..what the.....come on im 30. young'ns get zits and we get wrinkles for heavens freakn sake. ...i love you tho JEsus. At This point i think it is A: an enviornmental allergy/intolerance (food,dog,hayFever) OR B: it has something to do with whats going on in my digestive system (the way it is working) Make a check off list and be prepared to do your homework. #1advacate. Doctors are Guides not magicians and its okay to say no thank you and leave if you do not feel they will give you true time and thought. Find the ones that will ask the questions and welcome all kinds of tests. Antibiotics are only a weapon and will not ZAP the culprit at the root. *as long as the cause is out there the acne is around (that is, if it is enviornmental (food,Dog,). *Even if it's my digestive system (the way its doing its job).....Antibiotics have to know where to go, and that means I have to know whats going on in my digestive system (because acne is your skin, which is an organ connected to the life of your digestive system). To best understand the connection, just google a picture. MAJOR system. Know what you want (I want to get to the bottom of this and prevent it! I know i will get not only clear skin but also an explanation. I am mesmerized by the HOW of this nonsense. I PLAN TO SHARE MY ANSWERS AND EXPERIENCES AS THEY COME. I HOPE YOU READ THIS WHEN ITS COMPLETE SO YOU CAN ZOOM THROUGH IT TO THE FINAL DESTINATION.