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resistant acne?!

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Resistant Acne?!?!

Alright so this is my first time using this site im not sure how to work it... But i am sick of my acne and im hoping someone has a similar problem or any advice. I had fine skin until i hit 7th grade, it all started with just normal zits like preteens get and all just white heads here and there, whatever right? i can handle that. But once i hit the 9th grade i no longer had much of any whiteheads whatsoever, now instead, i had HUGE cysts. theyd start off as small painful bumps that would gradually grow larger and larger and thered be as many as 4 at a time. Theyd get so big and swollen and take sooooo long to go away. if i tried to pop them theyd get red and infected even more painful and swollen and take longer to heal cause of the broken skin and now infection. Once i even had to go on antibiotics because i got a bad infection from these suckers. So i try not to pop them but the problem is even when i dnt touch them they still get HUGE red and PAINFUL and i mean painful they hurt so bad ! its embaressing to go out into public, i once had a guy tell me it looked like i go stung by a be nd was allergic to it and it swelled up....embaressing right? im now in the 11th grade and this problem shows no signs of dissapearing :'( i tried countless over the counter things, none helped. i then tried different medications like minocycline (which im still on because im scared to go off of it in case it might get worse or something its prolly all in my head) anyways nothing has ever TOUCHED these cysts. Ive tried different creams, im now on epiduo and birthcontrol (yaz) which i just started to try and make it go away. My doctor says yaz should work but its only caused a huge flare up (im on my 2nd month halfway through) and i have about 7 cysts right now. The weird thing is my acne seems to be persistnt no matter what i use or try, it doesnt go away. I do however, have wonderfully clear skin here and there and my skin will all of a sudden breakout terribly. idont know what to do anymore im so SICK of this !! will it ever go away?! i even tried proactive, it only made my skin worse !




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