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In Search of Porefection- I Guess I Just Need Someone to Understand

Hey My name's Gwendolyn and I guess joining this site was inevitable. I guess I just need to talk to people who understand. Who would have thought pimples could affect our life in this malicious way? Surely not people with clear skin. I hate how my acne makes me feel. Worthless. I hate the superficial people who judge me for it. I'm not dirty. I'm just marred with scars and blackheads and pores and some pimples. I hate being overlooked or being suggested products. I feel like people get ruder everyday. I'm 15, 16 in a couple of months, and I feel like every single day I'm fighting a battle. My confidence is gone. I just want to feel whole again. ahh we can't submerge ourselves in such negativity. I hope we all become clear & we can share our stories and inspire others. I hope talking to people on this sight will help me accept myself instead of blaming myself and being a crying mess. I hate you acne. DIE. You are so ugly, but you do not make me ugly. What do you guys tell yourselfs everyday? How do you guys feel good? I'm sick of narking (I definitly spelt that wrong) on myself. Right now I'm taking minocycline, brevoyl wash, this other benzoyl peroxide gel and just started retin a tonight. My derm gives me chemical peels and its so embarressing when my skin gets all flaking. I just want to know, how do you guys stay strong and remain free to be yourself? because I feel like I'm breathing but barely living