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insurance refuses to pay for accutane!

I just found that my insurance Aetna has declined prior authorization twice! They believe that I don't "qualify" for accutane because I have mild/moderate acne even though every other medication has failed with me.. meanwhile my acne is getting worse for some reason.. I am getting cystic acne on my face when I never did before :'( I don't know what to do.. does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

Begin Accutane July 9th

So I had a few bumps along the road.. but I managed to convince my doctor to put me on 20 mg of accutane per day. It takes a month for registration so I start in the week of July 9th God's will.. Also, family is on board..

in need of support :(

hello everyone, so I am new to this site and I'm still trying to figure out how everything works, it's a bit confusing i have to say. I always visit this site when I need advice or encouragement but I finally decided to join in.. I started writing an entry before this & when I tried downloading the spell check software, i guess clicked something wrong and it was gone :/ but I am determined to write something tonight.. my story is similar to many of you who know what it feels like to deal with the emotional pain associated with acne but here it is: I'm 21, I have been dealing with acne since i was about 14.. my doctor says I have mild/moderate acne on my face and more severe on my back.. I have realllly oily skin and I have tried every single medication you can think of from topicals to antibiotics to over the counter and nothing has worked! I feel like my entire life is revolving around acne and how to get rid of it or hide it.. morning routines, makeup, evening routines, ect.. It has prevented me from doinng many things i wanted to do.. until this day, i am embarrassed to wear an open back dress or go swimming.. If I exercise and sweat too much, I get those painful cysts on my back.. I am so fed up with waking up in the morning and seeing pimples on my face and not being able to even touch my annoying and supersensitive skin in fear of breaking out.. well i'm 21 now.. i'm grad from college and I just got into pharmacy school.. I will also begin work soon.. overall, I feel so blessed and content with who I am and where i'm going in life.. the only thing tying me down is this damn acne.. so after breaking down in tears, my derm has finally agreed to put me on accutane and I'm going to do the blood test after May 5th God's will.. but with all the scary side effects of accutane, I am so terrified.. I really need you support and encouragement ....

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