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going slowly mad

I need to get this off my chest. I swear I have just lost it mentally and emotionally. I have had 2 friends comment on how my skin is improving, however I just feel like its getting worse. I have got obsessed, to the point I have barely been able to leave my house and I check my face ever 5 minutes. Pores that are clogged I attack, that you can't even see or notice and I feel like my pre acne days I probably would have never noticed. But now I do. And I just get so depressed over every im


This worked for about a week, but then my skin has just started breaking out LOADS. As in lots of little pimples that are under the surfaces and some larger more painful ones too. I have had to result to harsher treatment, and have added in another bp for the morning. I think this is partly because I have exams at the moment and I have had a traumatic few weeks emotionally. Will keep updated about the progress with quinoderm. I do find the foaming cleanser good however, it it doesn't irritat

day 4

So my skin is looking healthier, I have one active spot today that is large and inflamed but thats generally my fault. my pores are refined and my skin isn't as dry as usual. I can actually put make-up on without it looking powdery and horrible.

day 2

Not much change. My pores look more refined. 2 active new spots, not as large as usual. I am on my break of dianette so its inevitable.

The new regime

So I am starting a brand new regime, and want to document my success and failures with it. Its so I can personally account for what worked and what didn't, and to help anyone else if they are interested in any of the products. It is as follows AM: Wash face with Dr Lowes purifying foaming cleanser. I wash my face with it for 10 seconds, and wash off. Then I lather it on again, leave it for 20 seconds, and rinse off. I then apply 'Perfect skin acne cure' and let it air dry. 5 mi
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