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Hey guys, I have no idea if I'm doing this right but....whatever. So lemme just start off by saying that I need help deciding whether or not to take Accutane. I've been to the dermotologist since 2009 with acne. In the end of 2010, she said that I should conside Accutane since I already took: doxycycline & cefadroxil plus mannyyy other topical prescriptions. I wanted to but needles terrify me and I backed out. I went back to the a different dermo a week ago and she suggested Accutane again! She also said she would get me this numbing stuff for my arm for the blood work. I am thinking about taking it now, but I don't know if my acne is really severe enough to take the risk... I'm 16. I have acne on my chest, back and face. It has recently gotten better on my face (for some unknown reason?) But has started on my chest and been the same on my back. I NEVER eat McDonalds, am active, am clean, and take really good care of myslef. I feel like I don't want to try doing anything anymore becuase nothings working! My face acne seems to get better in the summer when I tan but not on my back.




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