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RANDOM TIPS FOR ACNE THAT SAVED MY LIFE. 1. don't pick, and if you do use one of the metal two tipped acne popping things. Keeps it from infection & inflamation as bad as using your fingers. (if its just to pop one, use a needle dipped in rubbing alcohol/benzoil peroxide) 2. hold ice on those horrible mouth pimples. you can just put it in a paper towel and hold it with your teeth and it wont feel like you have a lip tumor after a while. 3. sulfur masks will save. your. life. leave it on overnight. even back acne. 4. STICK TO YOUR REGIMEN. 5. start using head & shoulders for back acne-every time i stop mine breaks out. 6. murad's concealer for acne is sooo much better than any other one. 7. i've been using acnefree & it's brought everything under CONTROL which is amazing. i have like 3 red spots and everything else is pretty much not noticeable to the naked eye:) although* i'm sure there's better out there.




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