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Day 1

Well im new to this site but thought id join and try and find some help on getting rid of my acne. Im 18 years old and have had spots since i was around 12 everything i have tried to do just never works at all.. all the over the counter products and anti-biotic liquids for the GP just never work I even went and bought a light treatment lamp- which is meant to shine a red UV kinda light on your face- it was expensive and even that didnt help So today i came across a youtube video which a man runs a busines in Urine Therapy thats right Urine Therapy.. so i checked the reviews on here and they all seem to be very positive So what you do is simply pee in a cup or something of a similar object, use a cotton wool ball and rub the pee on your face (clear of all make-up) So i have just done that... i felt so uncomfortable and funny doing it but i feel im at the point of trying anything so i did it just around 30mins ago and its felt tingly on my face when i did it... but i sat around then like 20mins later looked in the mirror and the redness of my spots has already gone down Its my first day trying so i will keep you updated as to whether it works or not