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So, ive been on accutane for 62 days yes im counting... anyway, the first month of accutane i was on 40 mg once a day, and the second month 60 mg (30mgs twice a day), and now im going on my third month at 80 mg (40mg twice a day). So far accutane has had its ups and downs, only because the first month i was on accutane my face only got better everyday, and during the middle of the second month i started to break out again, and when i mean breakout i mean breakout im not one of those people who claim they are "breaking out" when infact they have one little zit. My acne was horrible i would have at least 30 pimples, including white heads, black heads, and cysts. i would put up pictures but i hated how i looked with all that acne. so far accutane has had some side effects for me, ive had dry eyes, skin, nose, and LIPS!!! oHHH MY GOD have my lips been horribly dry, i have to put vasiline on at night just so they dont cracked on the sides by the morning, and during the day i use aquaphor or carmex and they both dont last that long and i hate wearing them because they are shinny and people ask if im wearing lip gloss its quite annoying. i also have noticed body aches recently because today i had to run to 1st period because i got to class late and my joints and back hurt soooo bad but it didnt last that long. Overall i hope accutane finally clears me up, if u have tried accutane before please tell me when i should expect to see my face completely clear. Thanks




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