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Home remedies and other lovely things :)

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Super easy home remedy!

::Note: This only works for some people::Olive oil! I know this sounds crazy, but yes. Olive oil works. It doesn't clog pores and it helps your skin heal. So just massage it into your face every night, leave for 10 minutes, then wash it off with a gentle soap (make sure it all comes off). I tried this method for a few weeks, and it didn't clear my acne, but it definitely made my skin brighter and fresher-looking.You can also make a body scrub with sea salt (or sugar) mixed with olive oil. It'll get rid of all the dead skin cells and moisturize It works amazingly.

You Are Beautiful

I'm doing a quick update this morning to kinda address those people who feel self conscious. Acne is hard to get through, I know, I'm right there with all of you. But just because we have it, doesn't mean we're any less gorgeous and amazing than the celebs and super models we see on TV and on magazines. Heck, a lot of us are even prettier than them. Beauty really does come from the inside, not from make-up or photoshop, because they only way to be truly beautiful is to be yourself. Who cares if you have acne, if you're too skinny or too pudgy? If you have long or short hair? We're all amazing. And don't you dare forget it Now put on your best smile and go show the world what you've got.

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Home Remedies :)

Hello everyone! I'm starting a blog (kinda obvious ) so I can post the progress of my skin and recipes for homemade skin care for everyone. Right now, I'm just using a cinnamon and honey mask every night. You simply mix three spoons of honey and one spoon of cinnamon, mix it, put it on your face, leave for 20 minutes and wash! I've been doing it for about a week...and no pimples on my chin! I still have a few problem areas on my forehead...but my skin is looking so much better! I have tried everything, and this honey is really working. I highly recommend it ^^ (be careful if you try it though, a few people react kinda badly to honey and cinnamon). So that's my post for today Everyone's beautiful, acne, no acne, fat, skinny, short or tall! So let everyone know how gorgeous they look when they feel a bit down, it'll make their whole day feel a lot brighter

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