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My first round on Accutane

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Here we go, Journey to clear skin

I should probably start by saying that this entry is NOT written on the beginning of my Accutane Journey. I am currently on day 32...but, i did keep a hand written journal so ill begin by writing down here what i said on my piece of paper. First week (week 1) I didnt write down in too much detail what really happened in the first week, on the 9th of march, 2011 i went for my blood test and first doctor’s appointment, unlike the majority of patients on this medication im taking this drug through my family doctor (who we have been with us for over 5 years) and not a dermatologist, he (my doctor) didnt think it was necessary? Living in New Zealand and having medical insurance i only pay a total of $4.00 a month to go on this medication. Zero for a appointment with a dermatologist, $20.00 for doctors appointment, Zero for blood tests, and $4.00 for isotretinoin 20mg (30 tablets) Although i still pay hard core for cethaphil lotions and washes + bulk lip products for my horribly chapped lips. WOW totally off topic, my face... i weigh 55kg on 20mg per day (in my view, very low) and i take 2 tables of Omega 3 fish oil tablets to keep me up with Vitamin E. in my first week i have yet to experience chapped lips, took a few photos... God knows what happened to them, missing. i looked horrible though, probably a good thing i lost them. 2nd week my second week was the start of my initial break out (IB) side effects are chapped lips, aggravating back, its not exactly what i call painful, just discomfort... i seem to sit hunchback, my dad yells at me quite often because i sit like a old granny (im only 18!) OH i forgot to say that in the first month i was only on 10mg a day. 3rd week end of week 3, IB just getting worse. i had about 5 medium/small cysts on my left jaw line and one whitehead on my left cheek. on my right side i had about 7-8 average sized pimples including 3 quite large cysts on my right jaw line. i picked at them which was obviously a really bad idea. on the bright side my forehead is completely clear except for one small open zit. Last week of first month i noticed a slight improvement from the IB although im still breaking out. i have a few pimples on my chin ( a place i have NEVER got before) I still have the same cysts around my jaw line they are not getting any bigger or smaller. i have smooth patches and then rough patches.. i get very annoyed when i wash my face with cetaphil and some patches feel so smooth and then i run my finger tips on the affected areas and its like...erghhh kill me... After first month checkup on day 28 i went to get my blood taken and following day i went for my doctors appointment to check my results, i was hoping he would up my dose to 20mg. on the bright side, yes im on 20mg a day now BUT apparently my cholesterol level is very bad. Average is a 2? and im at 4... (whatever that might mean) he told me that i dont need to worry, he will just keep an eye on me but i have to cut out all fatty foods... Also he said that my thyroid glands isnt working how its supposed to ( it helps turn food into energy) it results into weight gain, hair loss and fatigue (weak) ALL of which im experiencing..funny enough. so far the same old cysts are still there, not wanting to make its farewell. i have one funny looking pimple under my left eye (my dad asked me if something bit me in a sarcastic tone..HA...HA dad, ur hilarious...) and one pimple near my noise PAINFULL. Forehead is still clear and soft as a babies bottom, cant wait for the rest of my face to feel like that. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, grammer ..punctuation, the whole works, im not the best at english since its not my first language




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