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Day 13

Worst breakout I've ever experienced. The only good thing is that it's confined to my chin, but it's truly an awful, uncover upable mess. And for something to be uncover upable for me, it's bad. I've become a veritable expert in the fine art of disguising acne and rosacea with a variety of concealers and powers, and this is just about too much for me. I had some extractions done by a nurse in my dermatologists office this morning, so I'm really red and inflamed. I was feeling okay about everything until looked into the mirror at work (bad idea, the lights in our bathroom are so bright and awesome) and saw that two new zits had popped up sometime during the workday, in like the one tiny patch of skin of my chin that was clear. Boom. Instant downer. I went from feeling like maybe I could put on some minimal coverage and go meet my boyfriend for coffee, but that sent me straight home., where I promptly picked at it. It's covered right now, but I'm sure I'll wash everything off in the morning and realize once again that I've just made everything worse. I started crying hysterically while washing my face. I realize this is really, really extreme, and that people live with stuff that's much worse. But I feel so hideous — I work at a magazine where everyone I work with has perfect, gorgeous skin, and so does my boyfriend. I told him I couldn't see him at all this week, which means it'll be two weeks since I've seen him since he was out of town last when my skin was actually still decent. I'm thinking about bumping my dosage to 100 mg in two days, at the two week mark. I've asked for suggestions about that, since I'm still losing weight like crazy. If I'm hysterical after less than two weeks, I don't think I'll be able to handle waiting the usual three months for this to kick in.





Day Three

I started Spiro two days ago— today is day three. My dermatologist prescribed it when he finally realized that I was still breaking out with little cysts during my period, which I'd told him over and over was a problem. It's 50 mg, once a day, which after doing some reading on this board seems too low to be effective. People have seen their best results at 100-!50 mg. I'm about 95 pounds, though, so I'm unsure about upping my dosage. I've been prescribed Yasmin, but I'm too scared to start it. Right now, my problem area is my chin: redness from rosacea, clusters of blackheads, a good-sized under-the-surface whitehead that won't budge, and a lot tiny under-the-surface bumps along the sides of my jaw. New today is a hard painful pustule on my chin. I also suffer from acne rosacea on my cheeks and nose (I've just switched to metrocream), and clogged pores and blackheads on my nose.