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Started the Regimen

Hi, About October time I went on Lymecycline, and by December I was pretty much clear and was very happy, however mid January my acne came back worse then ever!!! I was told I had mild/mod acne but this last breakout I'd say I was definitely moderate, maybe even moderate to severe acne. I get every spot there is going. I've now ordered the Acne.Org products and am awaiting their arrival. However I do have some 2.5% BP so have started the regimen using my own products. Cleanser - Dermalogica's Dermal Clay Cleanser BP - 2.5% BP that I got prescribed by my GP a while ago Moisturiser - Aloe Vera Gel Make-up - Bare minerals On the second day of using the BP and being very gentle with my skin I found that some of the redness had disappeared and my cheeks looked a bit clearer but I now seem to be getting a couple of whiteheads again so hopefully theses are going to go. Skin is quite flaky at the mo, and can't not use make up so it's looking a little cakey.... nice! I've also just gone back on Dianette as I think this is the only thing that gave me good results while I was on this. I remember waking up in the mornings not worrying about what new spots had appeared on my face overnight....it was heaven!!! ( this was about 2 years ago) Only been back on it for 3 days now and I am praying I will get good results again!! I do have one question that I hope someone will help me with or at least say they have the same trouble. I get the whole 'don't pick spots or touch your face', and I really try not to but when I have whiteheads I try to leave them but the get so filled up with puss/bacteria that just smiling or eating causes them to burst by themselves half the time. Is this still just as bad???? I just try and gently dab the worst off and try and leave it again. Can anyone help?? I get that that theres worse things in life than acne but it is making me severely depressed and what with all these glossy magazines etc... I think we always feel like we need to look as perfect as possible, it's so unfair! I got a new boyfriend while my skin was clear back in December so now I feel so paranoid about being around him, I've even limited to just seeing him at mine in the evenings where I can control the lighting so hopefully he won't notice it as much. I have mentioned it to him and he has been completely amazing and always telling me how pretty he thinks I am and he's completely fallen in love with me but it's so hard to believe someone loves you when you can't love yourself because of your insecuritys. Glad I've found this website, makes me realises I'm not alone. Sorry for waffling!




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