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3 month challenge!

I got my acne.org products in the mail yesterday! I've read in the "what to expect" column that it could take up to 3 months for the regimen to work ( dan's regimen ) i got my products at the right time because my birthday is in 3 months! ( july 3rd ) so i decided to start the regimen tomorrow ( april 1st ) and hopefully by july my face will be acne free i will be posting pics and updates to keep track of my progress...Good luck to all others on their own challenges!

Keisha Paul

Keisha Paul



Can't wait!

i ordered my first batch of acne.org products and i'm impatiently waiting for it to get here....i've been reading and reading and browsing all information about this site and the products and since i've heard alot of good reviews i had to see for myself! i've actually done something similar to acne.org's regimen when i was younger: cetaphil cleanser, 5% benzoyl peroxide (prescribed by doctor) and the cetaphil moisturizer.... it really cleared my skin up but i wasn't consistent and i fell into other products, so my acne is bad...i always have pimples, new pimples forming and acne scars all over my face and i honestly gave up on acne products and just let my face be...plus i was just about to start experimenting with makeup to cover up my bad acne, and scars but this site made me change my mind....so i'm gonna give it a shot!

Keisha Paul

Keisha Paul


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