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For Better Textured Skin :)

week one of following a skin regimen which goes as follows: 1) wash face with cream cleanser. use a wet warm washcloth afterwards. 2) wash face with foam cleanser. use a wet warm washcloth afterwards. 3) toner (i rather something with no alcohol) 4) treatment 5) moisturizer. i was searching on line for skin regimens, just out of curiosity. i was specifically looking for a korean skin regimen. then again there are several regimens followed by different korean people. so there is some variance to the number of steps they follow. but basically it follows as so: 1. cream cleanser 2. foam cleanser 3. mask (preferably moisturizing or clarifying) (this only 3-4 times a week) on this step also facial massage when you are not doing the mask. 4. toner 5. essence/ serum 6. moisturizer it has for sure improved the texture of my skin. it definitely looks moist. much more happy than before. of course out of everything the only thing that is helping to kill the infection is the treatment. i'm also using the AHA at least 3 times a week right on top of the treatment. for masks. i just bought the queen helene honey and oatmeal scrub. also the queen helene mint julep masque. this last one is actually for drying up pimples, so it is a bit strong to be using all the time. aaaannndd, it is neither clarifying nor moisturizing. hahaha. hope it helps.