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Fine if you don't have to leave the house.. :D

: This is day 3 of my red puffy/bumpy/oozy... need I go on.. face. I am hoping that this is one of those things where it truly does get worse, before it gets better.. 'cause it's looking like i've had an accident with battery acid or something.. Before I used this Prosecea, I had issues with bumps and some redness with tiny little blistery sores.. I never had any issues while I was growing up, but as I aged (now 45) and with stress came a skin condition.. I was told several years ago, it was rosecea.. My stress levels have gone from negative stress to a lesser level that is enjoyable as I watch children all day (my grandbabies) and am much happier in life.. My concern is how it looks right now and is it going to improve..? It is a horrid site to me right now, but I would consider continuing if it is in my best interest.. Somewhere along the way I became someone who seems to have pretty sensitive skin, so it got to the point that I could only use straight vitamin E ointment (not cream) on my face to moisturize. The only things i've used is Dove and Vitamin E ointment.. until this Prosecea episode that has seemed to fry my skin.. I've heard of products that promise results, but only after scaring the shit outta you by making you appear well... like this! lol.. Somebody give me good news, please!




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