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Differn 0.1% and Clindamycin

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First Entry Ever!

I am a 23 yr old female from Canada, I am on Day 6 of using Differing 0.1% gel and Clindamycin cream for my bacne which I have had since I was 14. It is a rather mild-case I think (usually 1-3 inflamed pimples and 5-10 closed comedones at a time). The only other product I have used is Salicylic Acid wash in the shower to this day, I should have noticed before now that it just wasn't cutting it. This is my first time on prescription medication so I am hoping for good results. So far, I have not had any new zits pop up, I have noticed a few of the closed comedones came to head and were very easy to pop with little effort and they seem to be healing up quicker. I'm not sure if this is a result of the prescription as I have only been using it for 6 days and supposidly it doesn't work that fast. I am afraid of an initial break out, however, due to the fact that it is on my back I will be able to cover it up until it goes away. If all goes well after 1 months time I will begin using it on my chest (which I get pimples on occasionally, but far less) I just want to know the results on my back before I use it in a place that I expose more often due to V-neck shirts and such. Oh yeah, and just FYI, my skin on my face is relatively clear, right now 0 pimples. I do get the occasional 1 pimple a month or so. I use proactiv on my face (the benzol peroxide), but I do not want to use benzol on my back, it is not worth the risk of ruining my entire wardrobe with bleach.

Miss CP

Miss CP


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