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My Journey on The Regimen

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My Regimen + Getting discouraged

So I thought I would write down my routine here to keep track of everything: Morning and Night: -2 pumps of DKR Cleanser, 10 seconds (pat dry and wait 15 minutes) -3 pumps of DKR BP Treatment (wait 15 minutes or until dry) -3 pumps of DKR Moisturizer with 5-6 drops of jojoba oil (let dry) I haven't been wearing any make-up or putting anything else on my face since I've been on The Regimen. My neck is starting to heal but it is still noticeably dry and itchy. My friend: "You're flaking." Thanks, I can see/feel that, lol. I don't really care about how my face looks in public right now. I've survived through the worst acne ever so I guess it made me see beyond people's appearances to their true character. Plus, I don't really care what anyone else thinks. It's how you feel about yourself that matters. Anyway, I've been faithfully doing The Regimen and I'm getting a little discouraged. The dryness is really starting to bother me. I haven't seen much improvement in the dryness even though I am moisturizing with the DKR moisturizer and have been adding the jojoba oil to it. I've been following the DKR regimen to the T. Being extra gentle, drying my face with a clean towel every time, morning and night. I even change out my pillowcase once a week! I've been trying to eat more fruits/vegetables and drink more water. Not necessarily to help with acne, but just to be healthier. So far, I haven't seen much improvement on my face except for smaller pores/blackheads on my nose (which always has blackheads, lol). I think my face would have more acne if I wasn't doing DKR, though. It hasn't flared up as bad as usual which I guess means its working. As far as active acne, I still can feel the lump under my right cheek and I have a new painful pimple on my right temple. I also have this stubborn pimple-like cyst on my right jawline that I can't pop/won't die!!!! I get that sucker extra good with the BP, HAHA. So, still gonna trudge on with this thing. Hopefully by summer the dryness goes away and my face starts to look decent.

Dryness. Dryness. And more dryness.

So, even though I've been on The Regimen for almost two months, my face just started to peel/flake really bad for the last two weeks now. That's normal, I know. BUT what is really odd is my neck is SO DRY and ITCHY! I don't even put any BP or anything on my neck! And I've been trying to be really careful not to accidently get anything on my neck when I apply everything to my face. It seriously looks like I have shingles on my neck. People have even started commenting on it. Yikes! So I put Dan's moisturizer/Jojoba oil on my neck to help soothe it. Is it working? It's been almost 3 days and my neck is still dry and itchy. Sigh. Other than that, my face is pretty much the same. The cyst I was talking about on my last post came to the surface and I popped it...bad, I know. But so tempting!! And I popped a pimple on my jawline that has been bothering me for awhile. I've been hoping it would go away. And now I feel another cyst under the skin on my left cheek now that is about to surface. Lovely. But overall, I'm not getting as many smaller pimples/breakouts that I would normally have. Especially since I was just on my periuod, and my face usually breaks out like crazy. So I think The Regimen helped to get me through it, lol. So I got in Dan's cleanser & moisturizer, and I have to say, I'm loving the cleanser! The moisturizer is okay, not fantastic. It takes a while to absorb because its a tad greasy but I found if I add a few drops of Jojoba oil to it, it glides on much smoother. My friends think I'm crazy because my skin really looks terrible right now ( ) BUT I told them I was going to stick with it! It gets worse before it gets better! I guess during the summer I'll just have to be extra careful when I go out in the sun. Hopefully my skin will be a tad more adjusted to the BP by then.

Their's always that one guy.

So, I have a very stubborn small red cyst under the skin on my right check that doesn't want to go away. I am also having little breakouts on other areas of my face, but they are not too serious. Smear on that BP and AHA!!!!

An Introduction

So I've been on The Regimen about a month already. My name is Jessica and I'm a 19 year old (almost 20 in two months!) female who is currently a Sophomore in college in Texas. A little bit about my acne history: I can't remember a time when my face was totally clear. I've had very moderate-severe acne ever since I was 12 years old. I tried Proactiv for two years faithfully, but it just made my acne worse! I've tried everything under the sun over the years. I found acne.org when I was looking online one day, and when I went through the message boards and read the posts, I felt like I had finally found people who understood me and what I was going through. By the time I got older and was able to see a Dermatologist, my acne was the worst it had ever been. I first went to the Dermatologist in 2005 I believe. I had cysts all over my face, along with just regular pimples with blackheads on my nose. She put me on oral antibiotics and prescribed me topical creams and lotions that helped to clear my face a bit, but never really made a noticeable impact. Every time I went back, she would give me something different to try. My face did improve with time, and the cysts (mostly) went away. They still flare up every now and again. Right now I have two on my face. I also received a chemical peel at her office and that helped to improve my skin texture and overall redness of my face. By this time, I already had scars and hyper-pigmentation marks so even though my acne was clearing up, my face still look pretty bad from all the left-over marks. This was basically the theme all throughout high school for me. Along with my face I also had cysts/acne on my back and chest. My Dermatologist wanted to put me on Accutane but my mom all but flat out refused because of the side effects. So, to make a long story short, I've decided to stick with The Regimen because I have nothing left to lose. My face is pretty much the best right now that it has been in years, but I still break-out and gets two cysts or so every month, plus the blackheads on my nose, chin, and forehead. I haven't been to the Dermatologist in several years because my mom lost her job and her insurance, so it just got too expensive. I wasn't doing much to my face before I decided to use The Regimen except washing it twice a day with cleanser and spot-treating, because I just lost hope that my acne could improve. The Regimen has given me new hope so I will continue to post on here to record my thoughts and experiences with it. The first month my face was flaking pretty bad but now it seems to have calmed down a bit as my skin adjusts to the BP. I know that it will get worse before it gets better. I bought the acne.org treatment BP and the AHA so I've been using a normal moisturizer in the morning after the BP and the AHA at night. If I get the AHA on my neck though it starts to itch really badly, and even though I let it dry for more than 15 minutes after I put it on, it seems to clump up. So I may stop using that. I just ordered the jojoba oil and moisturizer from the site so hopefully I can replace the AHA with those and it will work better. Only time will tell. I will continue to do The Regimen faithfully and wait : ) I'm pretty patient. It's really interesting to read about everyone's different experiences with The Regimen. Hopefully it goes well for me!

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