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My acne journey.

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Starting Somewhere

Hi. My name is Lexi and I`m a young teenager. My skin is horrible. I used to be all "anti makeup" and everything but I couldn`t take it anymore so I stated wearing make-up to try and hide my acne. It didn`t work, the make-up would just sort of melt on my face and look greasy, also still showing the spots. My parents tell me that its my fault I have acne because I eat a lot of junk food, like chocolate, biscuits, sweets, crisps and everything. They did take me to the doctor about my skin and he put me on the contreception pill, saying that it would balance out my hormones, making my skin clear. After the 3 months of using it, I gave it up because it didn`t work. I`ve tried shop-bought products but they havn`t worked so far and my parents refuse to get me anything else to help treat my skin, e.g. laser treatment, facials, other products, prescribed products....etc, because they say nothing will work because of my eating habits. I hate my skin. I hate going places. I`m very shy, and I hate talking to people, I feel I`m not worth their friendship cause of the way I look with my skin. I`m hardly ever grossed about by stuff but the state of my skin even freaks me out, so what must other people think? Its ruining my "Don`t care about what you think of me, because I am myself" attitude. I have been told by people that I`m attractive. I`m tall, slender, and some people have said I could be a model but I can`t see that. My skin is seriously putting me down and I feel I have much more to offer than just skulking around and hating myself. I`m going to change my excercise and eating habits. Also my mentality. And see if I can turn my life around. I`m confused about how to get rid of acne, but I`m glad I found the regime-I`m seriously gonna give it a go. I`m glad I found this website. Maybe theres hope for me. Anyway, I`m glad to see that the "Pizza Face" look isn`t exclusive to me (:




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