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Simplifying Makeup

Planning to overhaul my make up kit and to achieve the more polished "no-make-up face". ✓ 1. Eye Brows - Clinique Superfine line for Brows in Soft brown or Cover Gril Perfect Point Plus in Grey Khaki ✓ 2. Eye Lids - Bare Minerals Primetime Brightening Primer or TooFaced Shadow Insurance in Candlelight. ✓ 3. Lashes - Shiseido Lash Curler. Wishfully wanting the pricey Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base. ✓ 4. Lips - Clinique Superbalm Moisturizing Gloss in Currant or Black Honey or Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. 5. Blush - Bare Minerals in Cheerful or Buxom in Seduction 6. Face powder - Bare Mineral READY Touch Up Veil all over face. 7. Face brush - Bare Minerals Heavenly or Sephora Classic Countour Brush *notice that I don't use foundation. Im not a fan of full on make-up. My complexion is not so bad anyway, a dusting of Mineral Veil or Clinique Stay Matte Sheer pressed powder in Invisible Matte suffices. I apply blush first, under the "veil". This makes the blush "come through" instead of it sitting on top. If I have to use a concealer for blemishes, I would use the Clinique Redness Corrector. It's sheer but buildable. It covered this one blemish nicely. It's a "dry" conealer so there was no caking or cracking. I brushed over the mineral veil and everything blended into oblivion. I don't use eyeliner on my waterline just to limit too much tugging around my eyes. BTW, the tweezers I use is the 4860 Aero Tweezer by Denco. the most precise, lightweight Tweezers you will ever use!
Manufactured in Italy - Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
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Aargh! it's 4:07am already.

Tweaking My Face Care Regimen

AM Face Care Regimen Cleanser (Cetaphil, 2x, then massage lips gently to remove flakes) Toner (The gentlest and natural you can find for sensitive skin, free of alcohol and fragrance.) Brumisateur Mineral Water Spray (Evian, Vichy, La Roche Posay) or Hydrating Mist Eye Cream Moisturizer (Clinique DDM Gel or DK, add jojoba oil if desired. Apply while skin is damp and gently to limit friction. Wait 15-20 min to absorb) Vitamin E oil for my lips *if goin out, use a Titanium Dioxide Sunblock (Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25, apply gently to limit friction and sparingly 2x to control the white cast) PM Face Care Regimen Cleanser (Cetaphil 2x, massage lips gently to remove flakes. I also use Eucerin Hydrating Cleanser to completely dissolve all residue) Toner (free of alcohol and fragrance) Mineral Water Brumisateur (Evian, Vichy, La Roche Posay) or Hydrating Mist Eye Cream Moisturizer + AHA (Clinique DDM Gel or DK + DK AHA. combing the two helps buffer the sting from the AHA. Apply while skin is damp and gently to limit friction.) Vitamin E oil for my lips Toner - I discovered this from my recent Shiseido experience: use of "softener" prior to moisturizaton. My skin felt more hydrated. Mineral Water Brumisateur - I read so much about how using such spray is most convenient in alleviating dryness while in long flights. It's just "water" but when I sprayed some of the La Roche Posay tester, my skin felt less taut. I decided to incorporate it into my regimen to amplify my moisturizer. My skin feels hydrated longer. Eye cream - anticipating the irritating effects of allerigies, I decided to start using eye cream. I have also been using a sponge. I was looking for the eco tools round sponges but ULTA or the Target near me were out of it at the time. It's a gentler way of exfoliating with out leaving your skin red and raw and completely removing residue from makeup, sunscreen and cleanser. It's so absorbent too that I sometimes don't need to towel dry my face. CVS sells their own brand at 3 for $5. I might just try the one from The Body Shop just because it has no dyes. But Im so broke right now I might just try the dishwashing sponges. This one by Scotch Brite doesn't sound so bad. I can use the scrubby side for my body. Once in a while I would apply some Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid on my T Zone. For some reason, I have been getting whiteheads. The weather here is either dry cold or dry hot, my skin does not get oily. You'd think that's good news but I think the dryness of the cold or heat is thickening the sebum, clogging my pores. I don't mind my skin getting slick and shiny, I can just wipe that off with facial tissue. The slick and the shine gives me the impression that my pores are clean and clear allowing for sebum to flow out freely. So, once in a while, after cleansing, I would use a sterilized whitehead/blackhead extractor and gently push out the "white" from the pores on my T Zone. I follow up with the Toner, etc. Then apply Benzoyl Peroxide treatment on my forehead, nose and chin. Sometimes I would use Salicylic Acid treatment when Im not using AHA in the morning, on top of the moisturizer. I heard that using both acids could cancel each other out. Although I have incorporated some of the skin care I learned from Shiseido, I still follow the clinique method when applyng treatments. I wait for 15-20 minutes for the moisturizer to absorb then I apply the treatment. It really helps reduce the stinging sensation I get from the acid treatment.

Hmmm, What Happened Here?

It's been 13 months since my last enry, as facebook (and recently, Twitter) has completely taken over my life. So, what have I been busy with? .. I have been depressed. Rejections from every job interview I went to, the end of my "paid vacation", mounting bills, possible eviction... Also, Im still obsessing about my complexion, getting more and more sensitive to a lot of products I never was sensitive to before, still jobless (sigh), and still overweight. Because of the dwindling financial resources, I've developed the worst buyer remorse behaviour. The ULTA store in town has a good return policy that they have have become my unwitting victim. I don't do it intentionally. But instead of dumping failing prducts, I put on my thick skin and do a return or exchange. My depression has completely taken over me, I can't sleep for nothing. When I finally do, after downing a pill each of Valerian Root, Melatonin and a sleep aid(sometimes, clonazepam when Im feeling extra edgy), I don't wake till about 12 and worse, 3p. And so the cycle goes. I will hear mass tomorrow, pray for peace of heart and mind, and a job, harrass AT&T about my convoluted internet bill, then harass the new target store. I will give ULTA a break this week.

Mommy's Obessesion, Was Mine Too

I think I developed this obsession due to years of watching my mother go through her skin regimen regulary, a day regimen, complete with full make up application and a night regimen, eye cream and all that. She even had a weekly at home facial-mani-pedi service. That went on for 28 years until her and I moved to the US. Im sure she continued this full on regimen back home. I also picked up her habit of using cosmetics from the same brand. After first arriving here, my cousin gave her a tub of the Eucerin Moisturizing Cream. Sure enough, as soon as she realized, she picked up the Eucerin Gently Cleanser. We're both big users of sunblocks, we've imbibed during the height of our Dermclinic days. I actually feel naked with out it. But Im more particular about the products I use because I seemed to have developed some sort of sensitivity against a lot of ingredients. I have been sticking to the sensitive section aisle and meticulously checking the labels for red flags. Despite this skin care obsession, I regrettably don't have perfect skin. Unfortunately, I have my share of skin mishaps and mis-information. When I was younger, I made sure to sunbathe whenever I get the chance to develop that desireable tan. I also went crazy with astringents and toners and I think that caused the millia appearance under my eyes. My face has a little bit of uneven discoloration brought by the sun bathing. My facial skin pores are more prominent due to genes, my dad was plagued with acne and mom had prominent facial skin pores. I also have a couple of skin tags. My arms developed mild KP (chicken skin). And I have developed hypersensitivity to fragrance. Sigh, if only I can turn back the hands of time. As I approach my 39th birthday, I have come to realize and accept that I may not have been blessed with the perfect, porcelain complexion, my skin is sooo much better than others, better than the caucasians I envied over the years. Im asian so I will not wrinkle early. Except for that hormonal breakout, I never suffered from cystic acne nor do I have acne scars. I have little facial hair that is easily groomed with regular tweezing and the occasional waxing. Thank God for me. I don't have to apply tons of make up like the Kardashians do and end up lookng like a tranny.

My Skin Regimen: Keep It Simple

AM: Cleanser (2x, massage lips gently to remove flakes) Toner/Softener Moisturizer (apply while skin is damp and gently to limit friction. Wait 15-20 min to absorb) Eye Cream Titanium Dioxide Sunblock (apply gently to limit friction and sparingly 2x to control the white cast) Lip balm PM: Cleanser (2x, massage lips gently to remove flakes) Toner/Softener Eye Cream Moisturizer (apply while skin is damp and gently to limit friction. Wait 15-20 min to absorb) AHA (apply gently to limit friction) Lip balm I don't like a tight skin so I still apply a moisturizer at night as I wait to apply the AHA. I've noticed that the moisturizer also acts as a buffer to reduce some, if not all, of the acid's burning sensation. AHA effectiveness in sloughing off flakes and skin renewal remains the same. You will notice that this is the clinique method of applying products to the face without the use of toners. Treatments are applied after moisturizer. I've experienced that this method was a more gentler but still effective way of caring for the skin. If you choose not to use a moisturizer at night, wait for skin to completely dry before applying AHA. I've observed that technique helps reduce some, if not all, of the stinging sensation brought about by the AHA's interaction with damp skin.

My obsession, could be yours too

Hello! I've decided to create a blog of my obsession out of boredom. I'm doing it here because I thought this was a more appropriate site to express my obsessions on my skin with out judgement and with the same people who are finding themselves in the same situation. Im obsessed with keeping my skin clear of acne, discoloration and wrinkles to a freaky level, my hubby is amused by it. Thank God my husband has not been too upset at the ridiculous amount of money I have "invested" in CVS, Walgreens, Target, Macy's and Sephora in the search of the perfect moisutirzer and sunblock. And lipstick, gloss, blush, face powder, body lotion and all those girly, girly stuff. We did not have much to play with in my home country so imagine my amazement upon migrating here in the US to find a never ending supply of cosmetics to road test. Sure, I also obsess about a million other things: My temporary weight gain, 20 years and going. Of course I have plans of taking care of it. Just as I have plans of cleaning my apartment and organizing things. Unfortunately, I have become a victim of this economic crisis and I have been keeping to myself so as to limit the spending down to the bare necessities. No more trips to the malls where I have proven the absolute fact that I will just end up buying everything I "play" with in the store. Thus, making me bored out of my mind. Thus, this blog. A virtual playground for my mind. Reading other people's reviews is a cost effective way of road testing products. Away from the store, keeps the temptation at bay. And, writing down my experiences will validate my continued significant existence.