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Im a 36 year old female whos always had reasonably good skin other than a few spots now and then. Recently I began getting botox, the first & second botox sessions ,no problem.... but on the third my fore head broke out in an un countable number of tiny pimples. I have never had any thing like this before. Over the next few weeks large sore pussy flared up spots started appearing all over my cheeks and chin. This has been continuining for weeks now and if some go down others appear. I have looked at my lifestyle and if anything else could be the cause but it can only be Botox. I have researched on the internet and found most surgeons/ doctors will disagree that botox would not cause this but probably help acne. Most posts on various sites from women such as myself getting botox, with no history of acne, all finding problems with some one recognising botox as a cause of acne ! There are no answers and there seems to be no help...