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Roaccutane Journey.....

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3 Months Down!!

I haven’t written in a long while as after the first month on acutance my skin has been 100% clear!! I am talking no spots, cysts or blackheads!!! I am very happy that my skin is clear but now after 3 months on 60mg a day I just wanna come of the stuff and get my life back!! The side of my lip has been cracked for 2 weeks now and it just won’t heel and my lips drive me insane constantly having to exfoliate them off!! It’s hot and sunny here in the UK and I am stuck inside hiding from the sun, as I burn in seconds on this medication despite wearing sun cream. Most of all I long to go out and drink and just be normal again....oh and to wear lipstick, oh I miss lipstick!! Going to the dermatologist next week; and I am hoping they take me off as I really think I have had enough considering my high dose and the fact that my skin wasn’t too severe at the start. Hopefully this will it for me perfect skin 4ever- i wish every1 else the same success!!





over 2 weeks in......and I want it to be over!

So went to the dermatologist yesterday to get my next months supply!! Apparently my skin is holding out well compared to others, but I am not so sure!!! Today is a low day I have officially had enough- my lips have cracked today and are so sore and unsightly. I am in hibernate mode apart from work, which is tricky working in events as I am always getting invited to things so having to put on a happy face! Makeup is my next big issue- when i leave in the more I look fresh faced after lots of moisturisation and a layer of double wear. But by 3 pm the make looks dried and cracked and I just look awful!! Not sure what I can do about this as skin is not yet up to no makeup!! Any Ideas?





3 1/2 week into Roacutane

Hi So I have only just joined this forum; however I been visiting for years when suffering from bad acne days. So I thought I would share my story to help others. I am Heather a 25 yr old events manager from London. I have suffered from acne for over 10 years now with varying severity- I have PCOS so my acne is hormone related. I have actually for the most part managed to keep my acne under control by taking Dianette and Yasmin but after coming of Yasmin in Summer and having the worst breakouts of my life I decided to give Roacutane a go. I am just over 3 weeks into my treatment of 60 mg a day, when I started my skin was very much under control because of Yasmin so I assumed thing would just get better and better! Week 1- My skin was so red and almost hot to touch, it itched like crazy and I almost looked like I had sunburn not a good look! I found using Eurax cream helped with the itching and have been using number seven completion correction cream to hide the redness. Week 2- Skin is very dry and my lips shed on a daily basis. This is very inconvenient with work as nobody knows I even have skin problems and my job is very much glamour all the time, so relying on double wear (Este Lauder foundation) and constant lip lubrication. Week 3- I am now breaking out my skin is worse than when I started and I am getting spots where I didn’t have them before. I also have a bumpy eczema like rash on the back of my hands that itches like crazy. The one thing that is keeping me positive is that the spots do come and go very quickly, so I guess this shows something is working. Mid week 3- Skin is still breaking out and blackheads are extremely noticeable; it's almost as if they are pushing themselves out; fingers crossed! I have a work trip to Lisbon in 3 weeks so really hoping things will be a lot better by then. At the moment my social life is on hold, I am trying to take my makeup of as much as possible and smothering myself in moisturiser so I look half normal when I go to work. My survival tips for this medication so far are: - Eurax cream for rashes and help with itching. - No 7 oil free face soufflé- so thick yet safe for acne prone skin. - Este Lauder Double Wear foundation which I mix with Clinique super balanced- they are both oil free and the mix together keeps my skin moisturised and covered. - Neutrogena extremely dry skin relief for my body. - Redken Extreme shampoo- as my hair is highlighted and very dry because of the treatment, so this rescues it as much as possible. - Eye drops to prevent itching. - Coco butter lip balm- I find Vaseline actually makes my lips more dry. - Dermalogica- special cleansing gel- oil and soap free and ultra gentle. - Water- the more I drink the better- seems to lessen side effects. - Gym- going to the gym is keeping my mood stable as feel a little low. Heather x




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