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9-3-11 It's been a while since ive said anything about my acne situation. I have finally changed my 'pill' to a different brand in place of Yasmin, and low and behold! it has made a difference It has lowered the number of breakouts i have and just genrally calmed my face down quite a bit. On the down side though, i have cystic acne and it likes to strike every nowand again :/ so ive had two pretty bad ones recently. With the first one, i was very bad and picked it the second i releaved with a needle, which was a slightly more sensible option... So anyway the moral of the story is, please don't use your nails/fingers to pick your spots! I now have a HUGE hole on my face, the biggest one ive ever had Seriously though, it has really upset me... i just hang onto the fact it may get a little smaller with time. But once again my confidence has taken a blow That's about it though, i'm pretty sure i still have acne, and am waiting for it to get worse again (ive learn't never to expect anything good with this silly acne) but you never know... :/




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