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acne sucks! my feelings about it pretty much

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uhh my life in acne

alright weell i guess one could say im weirdly ocd about my skin and acne. its a psychological thing whenever i get a zit. its the worstttt for me and my confidence, i spiral downward like theres no tomorrow. it sucks looking at pictures from middle school, my skin glowing, showing not one single flaw http://static.acne.org/ipb_uploads/emoticons/default_smile.png' alt=':)'> well 2010 started, and my first cheek pimple erupted on my left cheek. since then i've been battling moderate acne on my cheek bones. the worst are those cysts under the skin. who feels me on that one? i spend way too much time on the internet researching ways to make my acne and zits disappear.