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My 2nd post - long overdue

Okay, since my last post I have seen small but noticeable improvements. The lower parts of my cheeks (right above the jawline) are completely free from whiteheads, and the areas just adjacent to my nose are completely clear too. It seems as though the effect is gradually spreading - at first it started at the red bumps around my calves / knees, then it spread to clearing my back of red lumps, now it's moved on to my jawline and nose. Hopefully it's going to keep spreading. And post-haste! I still have a few cystic pimples at the moment. I've been sick for the past week, and my face has just erupted, sigh. So encouraging. I have about 6 large but non-painful bumps around my mouth and chin, and a few to the outside of my cheekbones. That's all though. With a tiny bit of concealer--aside from the disfiguring mountains of cysticness--my skin looks socially acceptable. It's such an uplifting feeling on 'good' days, when I can just walk out to check the mail or go down to the store to grab some milk without having to cringe and cower at everyone's gaze. There's still some work to be done though: I still have a fair few blackheads along the top of my shoulders, and along the back of my shoulder blades; and I still have a few hundred (maybe thousand? Eeep) whiteheads along my cheeks, chin, eyebrows and forehead. OH, and my neck's cleared up! Well, almost cleared up. I have maybe 20 whiteheads spread out along the top of it, and rarely get a red, painful pimple pop up! It is so promising I'm a little despondent though - this time last year I set myself a goal of having clear skin by the time I received my P2 licence. Alas, this did not happen, as I got my green P's about 3 weeks ago. Sigh My ancillery goal was to have clear skin by my 19th birthday. This is in exactly 4 months. It is probably a massive stretch, but I have to have hope. Also, I'm currently on 30mg / day. I don't know why it's more, as I could go up to 80mg, and my skin is FAR from perfect. So I've been a little deviant and have been on alternating 30mg / 40mg for the past 3 weeks, in the hope that it'll speed things up, as I'm thinking my derm is trying to make me have as many appointments as possible until I'm broke >< WELL TOUGH FOR HIM, I'M GOING TO 40MG Anyway, it's almost 1am and I'm super tried, so I'll head off. I'll try to update this more frequently, but eh L8r sk8rz!





DAY 15 - My first entry

Okayyyyyy, this is my first entry I would have entered something sooner, but I totally spaced / have been working heaps / didn't know I could write a blog. But that's in the past! So, in the past, I've tried soooooo many topical creams - Clearasil creams, Proactiv (benzol peroxide), Oxy facial creams and body washes (salicylic acid) and tonnes more generic named brands that I can't quite remember. I've also been on Minomycin for 18 months -- with uplifting results at first, but then nothing -- and have been using zinc supplement tablets for about 3 months with no noticeable improvement. Now I'm trying Oratane - a generic brand of the popular (and hugely effective) Accutane. Yay! There is hope. The reason, by the way, that I'm writing this blog is just to get it off my chest. I don't feel confident talking about it with anyone in my family or any of my close friends. My parents and siblings all have flawless skin, and some of my best friends could easily grace the covers of some supermodel-hugely-attractive magazine. They're so pretty >.< So yeah, I need to vent a little bit here. Now, on to damage control: I have hundreds upon hundreds of whiteheads across my jawline, at the top of my neck, under my eyes, on my cheeks, on my chin, around my mouth and on my forehead. Each of these is SO volatile and tends to erupt sporadically into a gross cystic blob. Consequently I have a fair few red bumps, mainly around my jawline and cheeks. I think it's because I pick - but I can't help it! There are SO MANY FREAKING WHITEHEADS. They just multiply like rabbits. I also have pretty severe scarring along the underside of my jawline and up to my cheekbones. My back and torso are slightlyyyyyyy better. I have copious blackheads along my shoulders and down the contours of my spine. My chest is mainly clear, except for right at the bottom of my sternum where I have quite significant scarring. D'OH. My Oratane journey thus far: my face (in particular, my nose, chin and lips) have dried out significantly. My skin has improved slightly, and although it still looks gross and sore, it's a different sort of gross and sore, if you dig. Like, the red lumps are not as infected anymore, and even though there are more of them, some of them are like a week old, but since my skins heals VERY SLOWLY (as a side-effect) the red spots keep accumulating. But they are easily covered with some Oxy-5 Camouflage Cream. The number of whiteheads seems about the same, but that's it At the moment, I have a few potential cysts making their appearance along my jawline (maybe 6) and a few in the zone next to my nose and under my eyes (maybe 8 or so). I don't have any throbbing red lumps though! Which is a first! I'm feeling very optimistic. My back is feeling a LOT smoother already though. The back of my neck and top of my back has broken out a lot worse than usual though :/ Oh well, they're easily covered by a shirt. NO PROBLEM That's all I can ramble about at the moment, but I will definitely be writing more frequently. Take care! Love,