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My 2nd post - long overdue

Okay, since my last post I have seen small but noticeable improvements. The lower parts of my cheeks (right above the jawline) are completely free from whiteheads, and the areas just adjacent to my nose are completely clear too. It seems as though the effect is gradually spreading - at first it started at the red bumps around my calves / knees, then it spread to clearing my back of red lumps, now it's moved on to my jawline and nose. Hopefully it's going to keep spreading. And post-haste! I





DAY 15 - My first entry

Okayyyyyy, this is my first entry I would have entered something sooner, but I totally spaced / have been working heaps / didn't know I could write a blog. But that's in the past! So, in the past, I've tried soooooo many topical creams - Clearasil creams, Proactiv (benzol peroxide), Oxy facial creams and body washes (salicylic acid) and tonnes more generic named brands that I can't quite remember. I've also been on Minomycin for 18 months -- with uplifting results at first, but then no




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