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Day 1:

I took my first tablet at 3:30 today with lunch. My dr gave me 20mg for the first week, and then 40mg for the weeks after that (after she checks the bloodwork). She also gave me a gel cleanser for sensitive skin to use with it and a soap bar to use in the shower. So far, I've stocked up on aquaphor, vaseline, and cetaphil moisturizing lotion. I'm a chapstick addict already, so keeping my lips moisturized shouldn't be a problem. I'm starting to feel a little more tired now (it's been 6 hours since I took my dose). Not sure if it's because of roaccutane or not. My skin also feels a little more oily and I already have a bunch of painful pimples growing. I'm a little dehydrated, so I'll probably try to drink more water tomorrow. And I'm going to sleep with a disgusting amount of vaseline on my lips and in my nose (blechh). Aside from that, I'm excited to see how well it works!